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Watex is unswerving based on technological innovation, technology research ,emphasis on product quality and integrity of services. We’re the pacemaker in the development and manufacture of ultrahigh-pressure (UHP) water jet cleaning technology and robot water jet cutting and normal water cutting technology. Till now ,Watex has delivered it’s products to customers in more than 100 countries. Today ,Watex’s core markets have grown to aerospace, automotive, job and machine shops, paper, food, art and architecture, industrial industry cleaning, surface preparation, food processing ,ship hull , oil and gas industry and other specialty applications.

With its rapid development in technology and increasing demand for cold cutting process by more and more industries, owns over 50 patents related to ultra-high pressure numerical control water cutting machine and ultra-high pressure water jetting technology.

Watex has become a member of National Standard Committee on water jetting systems. Watex water jets are widely used in glass, marble, rubber, ceramic and metal cutting and drilling, famous for its perfect cutting accuracy and high speed.

Watex has been awarded the “National Standard Drafting Corporation of ultra-high pressure water jet cleaning machine”, “National High-Tech Corporation”, “Municipal-level Technology Center”.Our products also passed the ISO9001 Quality System Approval, and got the CE Certification and TUV Certification.

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