Hydro blasting machine for sale in USA Hydro blasting machine for sale in USA

Hydro blasting machine for sale in USA

Date:2024-3-29 Author:water blaster

Hydro blasting machine for sale in USA , they know us from our client from Turkey firstly . Then they see our hydro blasting equipment from our client in USA California . They check the quality of our machine and get the feedback from them also , they feel our machine can meet their cleaning requirement .

And they also feel our hydro blasting machine also value it’s price . They also compare with their local suppliers . But they feel their price is very high and take over their budget but the pressure and flow rate is same with Watex . After they calculate the import tax and import cost , they make a decision and choose us as their partner .

Hydro jetting machine for sale in USA since 2002 , during those times ,there is no such high application with water blasting than now . And mostly the pressure is from 100-1000 bar . Mostly companies purchased such hydro blasting equipment for pipe cleaning to remove the rust and blockage. Some oil industry companies purchased such machine for oil deposit cleaning with a more big flow rate .

Surface preparation with hydro blasting machine for sale

Some of our client from Venezuela also purchased our hydro blasting machine in the last year. Mostly of them use such machine in the oil industry for pipe cleaning . And some of then use such machine for dewax . This is special industry with water blasting . High pressure water cleaning not only for pipe cleaning .

Surface preparation ,like the big area rust and oil paint removal ,water jetting machine in the market can be the good option .

Hydro blasting machine for sale not only in North America , we also have lots client from North European countries . Like Iceland ,Norway, Swiss and Denmark . Some of them like 1000-1500 bar for surface preparation . Our agent in Norway , they are in the industry of oil industry . Mostly they purchased our 1500 bar with 40L/min and 85L/min and 110L/min . Some like big flow rate like 220L/min for oil cleaning .

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