Hydro jetting equipmet export to Norway Hydro jetting equipmet export to Norway

Hydro jetting equipmet export to Norway

Date:2024-6-9 Author:water blaster

Hydro jetting equipment export to Norway. Watex high pressure water cleaning machine we export to our client from Norway . They purchased such water jetting machines to cleaning the paint and rust for their shipyard . They purchased the machine form German firstly . But they made a decision to choose their next machines from us finally. After they know the configuration and workmanship and some feedbak fro om our previous clients from European countries . They also comparing with our machine with the machine made in German , they find that our flow efficiency is same as we promised .

We also have agent in Iceland and Norway now . So they do not worry about the afterservice

Model : E-stream20035

Pressure : 2500 bar 

Flow rate : 35L/min 

Moreover, Watex provided a very good service that contributed to its brand image building in Norway.

Our client purchased two sets of the hydro blasting equipment , hydro jetting equipment export to Norway export they use this machine for ship clean as well , this two water jet unit can be used for rust corrosion and pipe jetting and sewer washing as well .

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