Water blast machine for sale in Australia Water blast machine for sale in Australia

Water blast machine for sale in Australia

Date:2024-6-3 Author:water blaster

Model :D-stream10030 water blast machine for sale

Client in the industry of oil and gas industry, they purchased water blast machine for drilling pipe cleaning ,they have the plan to use the hydro blaster for surface cleaning like rust removal and old paint and protective coating cleaning for the external of the deck of their offshore . Hydro blast equipment for sale in the market is very serious , so choose the right manufacture need take time to compare .

Especially some details and brands of the parts need to know more before purchase . Now UHP technology are widely use for surface preparation and pipe jetting and old paint removal . Oil and gas industry also need such system to deal with lots of area that operator can not reach to .

About 5 years ago ,they purchased the water blast machine from German . They feel the spare parts and consumable parts is very expensive and they had to wait more than 10 days can get the parts .

So they want to try the machine made in China. After many quotations comparing and reference by their friends of China ,they finally chose Watex as their partner .

water blast machine for sale

Due to the first business between us. we had to let they set their heart at rest. from start to produce the machine like making the frame of the machine . After welding and sand shot blasting to eliminate internal stress , we also update the machine into galvanized type . We also show them the pictures as well.

How we connect the diesel engine with the pump that also need a high quality coupling. We used German double glands can guarantee continuous working without compromise .

We also used double safety valve for the pump unit only to maximize the safety for operator .

They are very satisfied with our workmanship and we have delivery the machine to their side. They will show us the video of working ,we will upload them in youtube for sharing .

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