Drilling pipe cleaning machine Drilling pipe cleaning machine

Drilling pipe cleaning machine

Date:2024-6-1 Author:water blaster

Drilling pipe cleaning machine require regular non-destructive testing to prove their integrity. Water jetting is the preferred method for cleaning prior to inspection. Corrosion, and cement products can be removed in a single pass, even if the pipe is completely blocked.

Drilling pipe washing machine is used in almost every region of the world and continually needs cleaned and serviced. Contamination levels vary to include NORM which needs contained and removed in a safe efficient manner.

In a drilling process, most drill pipes need special care to get cleaned up. Watex develops special nozzles and accessories for a better cleaning. Furthermore, we are always upgrading advanced accessories for an optimized ultra-high pressure hydroblasting in drill pipes with internal plastic and cement coating.

We have designed a bespoke decontamination unit with automated loading and unloading of drill pipe. Jetting at 40k psi with a Watex ultra high pressure pump automation from the safety and comfort of an air conditioned control station inside the unit.

Drilling pipe washing machine application

  • Removing internal and external contaminants with drilling pipe cleaning machine
  • Enclosed jetting solutions to contain waste or dangerous materials
  • Fully automated systems to eliminate manual handling and reduce vehicle movements

Benefits of water jetting for drilling pipe cleaning machine

  • A range of pipe diameters can be cleaned with drilling pipe cleaning machine
  • Any deposit can be removed scale, corrosion, process deposits & even cement
  • The jetting process flushes debris back to the open ended pipe
  • Totally blocked pipes can be cleared with drilling pipe cleaning machine
  • Steel pipe can be cleaned to white metal if 2000-3000bar is used
  • Water jets will not damage or roughen the pipe surface The pump is versatile & can be used for other cleaning.

Oil riser cleaning

Oil risers are being cleaned with our Model: D-stream2800, drilling pipe cleaning machine with 20′ foot containerized unit.

Water blasting is one of the utmost importance for continued excellence in your resource extraction operation. Everything from platform washing to tank cleaning services is needed to prevent the buildup of paraffin, crude debris, slag, dirt and other residues. Moreover, cleaning must be done by a qualified professional to ensure safety and integrity.

  • The pump produces up to 365kw and is driven by a diesel engine.
  • The customer also has the option of the pump being driven by an electric motor.
  • For the application shown the pump is producing the following pressure and flow.
  • 2,800 bar @ 60.00 l/min
  • With this pressure and flow a near white metal finish is produced.
  • The pressure and the flow are variable.

Drilling pipe cleaning machine is one of the most integral components of drilling operation, particularly in the petrochemical and energy industry. Due to the different fluids these pipes are moving and the underground conditions in which they work.

It is crucial that they are on a strict maintenance schedule for drill pipe cleaning so that they can be cleaned and serviced. Otherwise, these pipes can quickly deteriorate from wear and tear, and ruin products due to high contamination levels of product.

Why choose Watex drilling pipe cleaner machine ?

  • We offer efficient way to remove internal and external contaminants for the tube or pipe .
  • Our drilling pipe cleaning machine features enclosed jetting solutions to contain waste or dangerous materials.
  • Fully automated systems as option to eliminate manual handling and reduce vehicle movements.
  • When hardened mud build up in oil well drill pipes , blocked drill heads are the usual result. This reduces efficiency and increases downtime. Traditional brush systems can leave some build-up behind and require a rinse operation to flush debris and drilling fluids.
  • With Watex 40,000 psi (2,780 bar) water jetting system , build-up disappears in a single pass, without a separate rinse operation. Drill pipe easily passes inspection and gets back into service sooner.

Advantages with drilling pipe cleaning machine:

  • Complete removal of plugged mud and scale
  • More productivity and effectively with less downtime
  • Systems tailored to client’s removal requirement
  • Many brush systems can be converted if needed

Features of high pressure cleaning cleaning drilling pipe

When your pipes are cleaned by hydro blasting they’re actually being cleaned by a high powered pressure washer. The drilling pipes are essentially being scoured by hydro blast . This will eliminate the clog for long time and it is ideal for many different types and sizes of pipes.

Drilling pipe cleaning machine is the economical choice when it comes to oil industry pipe or tube cleaning. These high pressure water jetting machine break up and completely remove the hard deposit. Rather than just clearing a path line through the pipe. This makes long lasting cleaning for pipes.

The hard deposit that will be coming from your pipe are caused by the buildup of mixing material after long time. Not only it can cause bad smell, but it will cause the flow rate of the crude oil . Hydro jetting will blast the hard material and disgusting smell away.

Crude oil have may layers , during the moving , the heavy layer material will accumulated day by day . And it is the main reason cause of blockages in pipe line . Hydro jetting is an effective way to get rid of heat exchanger pipe or tube also .

After one week working , all of the drilling pipe has lots of mixing crude oil will affect the flow rate . In most case, heavy material from oil will expand and force their way in and around pipe joint connections.

Extra benefit of hydro jetting pipe cleaning and tube line

Hydro jetting not only remove rust or corrosion that other mechanical tool can not reach , but remove mixing materials build up. Then it will improve your pipe ’s flow pass in a quick way. Hydro jetting also remove grease and other mixing substances build up which often accumulates on the inside of pipe .

On the other hand, it also removes mineral build up such as oil scale. Please note that the pipe line may need some repairing after some times working. It can guarantee the normal working for the oil getting from the oil ground . Especially the pipe made by normal steel , we suggest maintain them in a regular frequency .

In general ,high pressure water jetting machine can cut most blockage insider of the pipe with the special tool and solve blockages. And get rid of grease and mineral scale and eliminate rust and mixing material build up the wall of pipe . Drilling pipe cleaning machine with high pressure water is highly effective and versatile method for cleaning drilling pipes without no damage.

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