High pressure water blaster High pressure water blaster

High pressure water blaster

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High pressure water blaster can be used for pipe , ship, tank , vessel cleaning from 100 bar to 3000 bar via utilizing the latest water blasting technology available for industry cleaning .

With highly trained and experienced operators and stringently maintained units. We are able to provide solutions that are customized to the client’s requirements to ensure optimum levels of safety and efficient productivity.

In addition to refurbishment and maintenance works, high pressure water blasting can be used for coatings removal, industrial cleaning.

High pressure water jet can be just pure water without any abrasive and operating pressure up to 3000 bar. Whole of the water jet that includes an engine, pump, water storage tank hose, specialized nozzle and other accessories.

Green cleaning of the high pressure water blasting

Ultra high pressure water blaster can be used for many types of cleaning applications where other methods have failed.

UHP uses just water – no chemicals, non abrasive – no blasting or burning. It is a safe, cost effective cleaning method. The ultra high pressure hydro blasting machines are built with high quality diesel or electric engines always with environmental issues at the top of the agenda.

Because ultra high pressure water blast without any other media , the waste produced is less hazardous, therefore waste disposal is safer and costs vastly reduced.

Many industries with water blaster

Watex supplies high pressure water blaster serving industries such as marine and offshore. Naval , highway, railroad, aviation, council, surface preparation, chemical processing, injection moulding, concrete removal and preparation, metal processing, tank cleaning and food processing.

This process provides an excellent bonding surface for material repair and new coating applications. Consequently, with the problems of dust pollution and disposal of abrasives eliminated we have an environment-friendly alternative.

Our high pressure hydro blaster, together with vacuum loading, protective coatings. Enables us to provide our clients with a complete service that produces cost and schedule savings.

Most water blasters operate at a pressure of around 5000 psi, sometimes even higher. This means that water blasting will often remove a thin layer of the surface material along with the dirt and grime.

Unlike low pressure washing, water blaster is not recommended for use on all surfaces. For example, water blasting can actually remove paint and corrosion easy .

High Pressure water blaster

With these pressures loose rust and paint in the hollows of the surface can be removed.

Some of the latest marine coatings require a surface preparation up to this level. Our company’s latest technology high pressure water blaster covers this service both via guns/operators and spider machines.

High pressure water blaster is used in everything from cleaning the surface of the floor to the paint of the ship hull. It is imperative to find a right machine with the right specifications to get the satisfactory cleaning result.

In high pressure water blasting technology, there are two factors we need to note. The pressure works for loosening the substance to be cleaned off, while flow is used for jetting it away.

At first glance, it seems that more pressure used, the more effective of the water blaster. In some cleaning applications require normal pressure with high flow rate .

Besides, there are some applications that need high pressure for loosening off the substance and high flow rate for removing it. Like some long pipe full of cement which need at least 1500 bar with 85L/min to remove.

Pressure as one of important factor of high pressure water blaster

How to measure the pressure of water?  It is measured in pounds per square inch (psi). Whether using a high pressure cleaner, industrial high pressure water blaster. You need to know which pressure is suitable for you requirement, without being high enough to cause damage.

For instance, if you plan to remove the contaminant one the concrete floor. You can have as much flow as you want. But the substance will not break until a pressure of around 5,000 psi is applied.

Once high pressure water blaster gets pressure to 6,000 psi, it can profile the surface rather than cleaning. This is particularly useful for applications like remove slack paint and grease.

High pressure water blaster can work more than 20000 psi-40000 psi which specially for epoxy paint and rust removal. The more high pressure means we should take care of the safety. So high quality hose and cleaning heads are necessary .

Flow rate specially focus on the cleaning ability

In some countries, the high pressure water blaster’s flow is measured in liter per minute (LPM). There is a wide range of flow levels available for different material cleaning. From normal home like sewer cleaning , equipment surface cleaning ,ship hull cleaning for removing the paint

A flow rate of 28 LPM is best option for most surface cleaning. But a higher flow rate is required when there is a large volume of block to clean off, or need many operators with many high pressure guns to clean at the same time .

Sometimes chemical media is necessary for some material to clean that high pressure water blaster can not

Choosing high pressure water blaster or chemical cleaning method depends on what material you want to clean. Some small diameter tube that normal high pressure hose can’t go inside, chemical cleaning would be a preferable cleaning method.

If you make a decision to choose the high pressure water blasters , the right machine will help you save lots of cost. We are the professional manufacture place strong emphasis on low running costs, easy maintenance and long-term serviceability.

High pressure water blaster has many advantages

  • No deformation effect and get smooth cleaning quality
  • Low material removal of the base material, there is no media used ,only pure water
  • The water can be reused again through our filter system
  • Can use the sea water directly with our equipment
  • No need disposal of the extra abrasive mixing material
  • Cleaning effect is more smooth than abrasive blasting

If all of these benefits aren’t enough then high pressure water blaster for cleaning is also more cost effective than traditional cleaning methods. Thanks to the shorter cleaning time when using a water blaster and the saving from not having to buy harsh chemical material.

Our UHP water blast system can deliver pressures up to 40,000 psi in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner.

High pressure water blaster for industry cleaning

Maybe lots of person think water blaster is a tool, when you search in google. Like the toy for the children. For industry cleaning, water blaster as the equipment specially for surface preparation, like deal with paint and rust .

The entire cleaning process is environmentally friendly and sustainable since the water used can be collected and filtered. So the cleaning cost will decrease with the filter system.

Why choose high pressure water blaster ?

Our UHP water blaster for sale in the market can deliver pressures up to 40000 psi in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner. And it is widely use for lots of industries to clean .

Application of high pressure water blaster ?

  • Surface preparation and cleaning before new painting
  • Paint and coating removal
  • Rust removal
  • Scale removal
  • Line marking or road marking and airport rubber removal
  • Pool cleaning by normal high pressure cleaner
  • Pipe cleaning and tube jetting
  • Tank cleaning and chemical vessel washing
  • Drain or sewer cleaning

No matter what industry you’re in, water blaster unit is an efficient. Cost-effective and environmentally-friendly toolkit for surface preparation or restoration and sewer cleaning method as well.

Water blasting is a much more aggressive approach to cleaning, so there is naturally more risk caused. Many years development ,before used it. We should know what pressure and flow levels need and safety protective method are necessary .

High pressure and a narrow spray allow the water to blast through dirt and other substances easy. Because of this, it requires a certain level of cleaning method and technique to avoid undesirable results.

What does high pressure water jet ?

High pressure water jet is also called high pressure water blaster .It is the use of high speed streams of high-pressure water for blasting through almost all solid materials and to clean various surfaces.

High pressure water jet is forced to pass through the small hole or orifice of the jet nozzle. Where the restriction of the small orifice results in a high pressure water stream.

We are dedicated to providing the safest approach to environmental management solutions in all industries.

Cleaning and maintenance of industrial machinery and pipe system is a difficult job without the right equipment. Watex uses the best breed of pumps, accessories and technology for safe and efficient completion of your job. Our large range of cleaning machine can produce a variety of flow and pressure options for different cleaning requirement .

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