High pressure water blasting equipment High pressure water blasting equipment

High pressure water blasting equipment

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Ultra high pressure water blasting equipment is a technique for cleaning external surfaces. It relies entirely on the sheer force of water from a pressurized source to achieve the desired cleaning effect on the intended surface. Sand, toxic and potentially harmful chemicals are not used in high pressure water blasters system.

A highly pressurized and focused stream of water comes from water blasting machine, which includes pump and the right nozzle.

High pressure water jetting up to 3000 bar is used to remove old paint, rust, rubber, chemicals, or other heavy build up without causing damage to the surface below it. 

Water blasting equipment is the unit for removing industrial grime, fouling, deposits and oxidation using water under very high pressure. It is directed at a surface through a specialized blast nozzle. Don’t confuse this with power washing.

Accuracy and special industries of ultra high pressure water blasting equipment

UHP water blasting equipment works on the interiors and the exteriors of structures and machinery. In order to achieve the powerful . And precise specialty cleaning that our industrial clients require. we developed our own patented process.

This is chemical-free, environmentally and friendly, and workplace safe cleaning. It will not damage the surface and effective and cost effective as well.

We have logged hundreds of thousands of hours of our machines to the petroleum, chemical and other manufacturing industries. Who have come to rely on our high pressure tech to clean essential equipment.

Why choose high pressure water blaster ?

High pressure water blasting equipment ( water blasters )are the top choice for several reasons. First, it is faster than other methods. Because we use a 50% larger nozzle to clean more of the surface at a faster clip.

Second, all of the water and debris can be suctioned away through a vacuum hose attached to the nozzle. The powerful vacuum truck at the other end pumps and stores the removal water and debris. There is no standing water and no sweeping up. You can get your equipment back into operation sooner. Ultra high pressure water jetting eliminates the need to use hazardous chemicals on your property. Which can also delay getting your equipment back online until fumes have dissipated and hazardous drainage removed.

Water blasting is tailor made for cleaning heat exchangers and tube bundles,please refer to following picture .

True cleaning with ultra high pressure water blasting equipment

The fact that the high pressure water can be so controlled, and so specifically directed through a water jet. It makes it the only true cleaning option for the interior of tubes and for eliminating blockages.

For really tough water blasting jobs,the pump is powered by a 400 hp engine. That can generate as much as 40,000 pounds per square inch of pressure. 

There is no coating or debris that can stand up to such high pressure . We have successfully removed polymer coatings from inside vessels, and have cleaned an interior coating off of a reactor.

None entry tank cleaning with high pressure water blasting equipment

There is no good method for none entry tank cleaning methods. But high pressure water blasting can achieve the satisfactory cleaning with related cleaning head. This allows us to prevent personnel from entering a space where its atmosphere could present harm to the person. Such as: (but not limited to acid tank)

This allows the owner to clean tank and piping from large pipe to big tank. Our water jetting machine use high pressure water jet with various cleaning head to clean the surface of different substances. They operate from 10,000 PSI to 20,000 PSI. The 3D cleaning head rotates horizontally and vertically to ensure a 360 degree cleaning.

Ultra high pressure water blasting equipment provides fast and effective cleaning for deposits from cargo hold , top tank, decks, hatch cover. Hydro jetting is the best method to prepare surface for maintenance or repainting.

Hammering or pneumatic tools will damage the steel profile. While dry blasting creates a hazardous atmosphere and lots of dust and creates a large amount of waste material. High pressure water jetting system minimizes waste. And removes the salt and other residues from the surface. Prolonging the lifespan of the coatings and leaving a cleaner finish.

Water blasting is a cleaning technique that removes dirt. Scale, and other unwanted materials from surfaces and is typically used in sewer, tanks, marine vessels, bridges, buildings.

How does high pressure water blasting equipment work ?

High pressure water produced through a boost pump then go into the pump. Connecting the high pressure water assembled with cleaning nozzle then targeted at undesired coating.

This machine with water pressure capabilities reaching up to 20000 psi. or 30000 psi even 40000 psi to clean different material. Psi or bar per square inch is a common unit of pressure used in many different industrial measuring applications .

It has been found that high pressure water blasting machine is much more effective than the old cleaning method with brushes. And scrapers removes the origin of biological or barnacles. The old cleaning method can not solve the root of the problem. And the growth quickly reappeared due to residual deposits or biological film.

Why high pressure water jetting machine ?

Normally we have two ways for water blasting. using abrasive material like slag or sand with high pressure water to clean the surface. Another only using high pressure water only to clean the surface of the material .

Water blasting minimize damage on the surface being cleaned and leaves no environmental impact, because of no additives used. This keeps the equipment clean the surface and optimize operating conditions.

Underwater cleaning with ultra high pressure (UHP) water jetting machine

Watex provided robot guided high pressure water blasting equipment head at the end of the hose. Guided by a camera, the robot identified the section that need to blast. We combined the underwater water blasting with rotate cleaning head, creating high strong cleaning solution .

Upon completion, we will use the robot to identify the section of the ship again. Then execute the second cleaning solution. While after the cleaning completion. we should identify any section of the hose broken then repair it soon in case we used again without high pressure and lost the time .

Shutdown washing with ultra high pressure water blasting machine

Water blasting can achieve shutdown maintenance cleaning, ensuring it is performed on time, within budget and with minimal disruption. Lots of Industries that can benefit from this cleaning service include mechanical plants. Chemical plants, automotive factories, defense power plant and sugar factory .

Internal and external hull cleaning with UHP water jetting system

High pressure water blasting equipment can get rid of barnacle and sea plants attached to boat. Ship hulls that have been submerged for a long time at the bottom of the ship. It can also help prepare surfaces before new paint or protective coating is applied.

Surface preparation before new painting or protective coating

Surface preparation is widely use for the ship hull or tank industry for gas or oil industry as well . It has benefit from high pressure water blasting. Also be used for bitumen surface preparation for repainting road marking ,pavement line ….

Pressure and flow and we should consider the back thrust or reaction force before blasting by the operator

The pressure created in high pressure water blasting equipment is a function of the water flow and the size of the discharge orifice . It is important to consider the relationship between pressure and flow when assessing hazards and risk will be accountable . During the blasting ,there are amount of back thrust, or “reaction force” from a high pressure lancer can be determined by using the following equation as a measure of power .

0.052 × gpm × √psi = back thrust

For example, an operator working with a jetting gun at 29,000 psi and  3 gpm will experience a back thrust equal to:

0.052 × 3 × √29,000 = 0.052 × 3 × 290 = 45.24

It is not workable that any one person can be withstand a back thrust of more than one third  of his/her body weight for an extended period of time. In some bad conditions (such as uneven or slippery area. Low light, confined spaces, and so on). lower back thrust should be used.

No matter what industry you are in, high pressure water jetting is an efficient. Cost effective and environmentally method as one part of any industrial plant or industrial cleaning toolkit.

Watex is dedicated to providing the safest possible approach to environmental cleaning solutions in all industries. We are ongoing commitment to providing high pressure water blasting services that are safe. efficient and effective as well in limited budget .

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