High pressure water blasting system High pressure water blasting system

High pressure water blasting system

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High pressure water blasting system have the proper pressure and flow rate with accessories to accommodate all projects that require high pressure hydro blasting. It is the most efficient method of cleaning for a vast number of applications including industrial pipe and rust and painting removing .

High pressure water blasting is a widespread water discharge operation with high pressure more than 40000 psi . In most cases, because of its efficiency, Water Blasting will require only one operator for a given application.

Also, when blasting around sensitive machinery involving many moving parts, grit from abrasive blasting has the potential to affect the performance of that machinery. Pure water blasted at high-pressure is a sensible alternative in these situations as well.

Applications of high pressure water blasting system :

  • Old Paint Removal
  • Ship Hull Washing
  • Concrete Demolition (Hydro Demolition)
  • Cloride Removal From Concrete
  • Asbestos Removal with ultra high pressure water
  • Pool refurbishment
  • Investment Casting Cleaning
  • Removal of Deposits in Pipes
  • Rust Removal and descaling
  • Marine Surface Preparation
  • Kiln Cleaning in Cement Plant
  • Pavement Overlay Preparation
  • Concrete Surface Preparation
  • Tank Cleaning with Special Nozzles
  • Deburring with high pressure water jet center

Reduce downtime of your plant by using Watex’s High Pressure Water Blasting Machine. Boiler and remote hydraulic air heater washes and a variety of other jobs are no challenge to our high pressure water jetting system.

Ultra high pressure water blasting systems is simply the practice of using highly pressurized water to remove a coating or contaminant from a substrate. Sometimes this is achieved by blasting glass, grit or another abrasive material at high pressures onto a surface. But for a few reasons, in some circumstances, there’s no smarter choice than pure water and high pressure.

High pressure and flow rate both makes water jetting system Application Efficient . Whatever your requirement different cleaning requirement of , Watex’s water blasting system can match your requirement.

High pressure water blasting system is ideal for specialized service providers, Construction companies, Renovators and for various industries.

A versatile option and advantages of UHP water blasting system

Ultra high pressure water blasting system can be used to remove rust, resins, chemical residues, paints and epoxies, all without the disposal measures necessitated by blasting with chemicals, solvents and abrasives. This makes the practice an attractive option in many of the industries .

Often, high pressure water blasting systems is less expensive than alternative methods. This is because the costs associated with recollecting large amounts of abrasive material can become quite high. Because fewer potentially harmful materials are involved in the process, there are fewer issues pertaining to containment and fewer relevant industry regulations.

  • Reduction of plant downtime
  • Labour saving
  • Plant protecting
  • Water conservation
  • No need of chemicals & non-hazardous materials

The benefits of high pressure water blasting system

Environmental friendliness is one of the main attractions of removing coatings via the practice of ultra high pressure water jetting. Especially in potentially sensitive settings, high pressure water blasting systems reduce the possibility of introducing waste elements into the environment.

The use of abrasives can produce a good deal of waste from the blast media, paint debris and rust products, but these byproducts are reduced with UHP Water Blasting systems. This makes the practice especially attractive for work in the marine industry.

Lead remediation jobs are also prime opportunities for the use of UHP water jetting. Harmful dust is eliminated and, since lead chips don’t mix well with water, the remnant can easily be filtered out before the water is sent for treatment.

Many features of high pressure water blasting system

Firstly ,it is very safe, UHP water blasting system doesn’t use any harmful chemicals or hazardous substances. Which makes it completely safe for both surfaces and  environment.

Water blasting is very fast and effective for surface preparation. High pressure water blasting system will not need take much time, so lots of companies that choose hydro jetting won’t need to pause their operations for very long in order to have their surfaces cleaned.

Since it requires less time and less labor intensive, water blasting also tends to be more cost effective than other surface cleaning techniques. Hydro jetting has no damage to the surface. High pressure water jetting system generally never damages the surface during washing. Although the water pressure used is reasonable, it’s harmless for surface that can withstand exposure to water.

High pressure water blasting system is effective method for hard-to-reach areas

High pressure water blasting system can clean areas that are difficult to reach. The water jet nozzle can be used to assembled on the end of the hose to achieve the cleaning very precisely, dislodging dust easy.

There is no particles or residue after hydro jetting. Unlike abrasive blasting techniques. UHP water jetting system doesn’t generate any particles. There won’t be any abrasive residue left over after water blasting.

A highly pressurized and focused stream of water, generally above 800 bar. comes from a water blast machine, which includes a pressure pump and the right nozzles and high pressure hose .

There are many reasons to choose water jetting system ,but the technique needs to be performed by qualified professionals equipment. Pressure and speed of the water make the cleaning dangerous for someone with no experience. Adjusting the power of the water jetting machine incorrectly could also damage the equipment.

More Illustration about high pressure water blasting system

High pressure water blasting system is used only for surface cleaning. In cases where harder surface coating is to be removed usually requires a jetting method in which an abrasive agent is added.

High pressure water jetting system is ideally suited for a vast array of applications. Ranging from mill scale build-up, paint or sludge removal from reactors. Condensers, tanks, evaporators, heat exchanger, boilers, process piping.

No matter what industry you are in, high pressure water blasting is an efficient, cost-effective and environmentally part of any industrial plant . It also can be used for cutting of steel work. Concrete demolition in no-fire zones, scale, paint and rust removal also using hydro jetting. Surface preparation and cleaning, pipe and tank cleaning, pathways ,road marking and airport runway rubber removal .

Watex is dedicated to providing the safest approach to environmental management solutions in all industries. We have ongoing commitment to providing safe and effective high pressure water jetting machine.

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