High pressure water cleaning machine High pressure water cleaning machine

High pressure water cleaning machine

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High pressure water cleaning machine is a process that uses ultra water cleaner to clean the surface. Pipe cleaning ,sewer cleaning ,rust and paint removal ; high pressure cleaning machine will solve the problem .

High pressure water jet cleaner completely cleans all holding tanks with no ill effects to the vehicle or the environment. It is not like chemical or sandblasting will bring lots contaminant to the environment . Ultra high pressure water can achieve the cleaning surface in a good situation.

Commercial high pressure water cleaner is more powerful than power cleaner , so they can tackle larger areas and hard material more preferable. Their cleaning efficiency is more high than normal power washer powered by petrol and you do not need to spend as much time and money to maintain the machine like change the consumable parts ,due to the commercial high pressure water cleaner has more filters system insider .

What is high pressure water cleaning machine ?

High pressure water cleaning machine is a process in which pipes are scoured by streams of pressurized water. Water shooting out of a hose at up to 40000psi to achieve the surface preparation.

Then it can be used as the tool for rust removal ,old paint removal,road marking removal. The paint on the steel structure and tank even the rubber insider of the tank with 3D cleaning head .

High pressure cleaning machine consists of a large tank. A special high-pressure hose, a special high-strength nozzle with rotating feature or normal 5 hoses.

High pressure water jet cleaner is one of the best, most thorough ways of washing pipes and paint .

How does the high pressure water cleaning machine work ?

High pressure water cleaning machine is typically done through an opening called a clean out. It is an accessible opening present in every surface preparation .

It pressurizes the water into the hose so that it can spray out of the nozzle at a pressurized rate of 2500 bar.

Industry high pressure water cleaning machine is ideal for lots of industries cleaning. It features a compact design. This stable machines equipped with stainless steel cover. It fitted to a container or assembled on a chassis and frame with solid tires. And including pumps , brass cylinder heads and other accessories .

Not only do industry high pressure water cleaning machine excel in performance, but most of them are in high reliability. With high pressure water cleaner, customers are getting good products, support and advice from Watex . And a dedicated team of service engineers that are highly trained in all of the products we sell.

High pressure water cleaner use water at very high pressure for washing a variety of vehicles and machines. Can be used for cleaning any type of surface. They can be used in many industries widely ,like agriculture, marine and shipping, car washing, transport industry.

What is a high pressure water cleaner?

High pressure water cleaner also called high pressure water cleaning machine. It is a device that you can connect to your hose with the pump unit to clean a number of surfaces or pipes or sewer through the force of the water by high vocity

The important part of machine is the pump, which may be run by electrical motor or diesel engine. For cleaning sewer ,petrol type can be as the option ,it can reach pressures up to 500 bar ; while ,we also supply industry high pressure take over 2800 bar .

High pressure hose feeds water to the high pressure cleaning gun, which has an trigger switch. You can adjust the pressure to suit the cleaning task at hand. The whole of the machine also come with a number of attachments for different cleaning like the nozzle and hoses according to client requirement .

What can you use a high pressure cleaning machine for?

High pressure water cleaner can be used for a wide range of cleaning jobs around the home, including as following :

  • Washing pavement, deck and driveway
  • Cleaning roof and cladding
  • Removing paint with UHP water
  • Cleaning brick and natural stone

These are just one part of surfaces that high pressure water cleaner can tackle easy . With the right settings and attachments for high pressure water pump can deal with any material cleaning with pure water .

Power cleaner working procedure

Power cleaner is like other high pressure water cleaning machine. If you use it safely and appropriately , it can be you partner in you working life . If you don’t use it unreasonably , it can ruin the surface you’re trying to clean or even cause injuries for the operator .

If you were plan to achieve a DIY cleaning , be sure to check what the appropriate pressure is for the job and use the reasonable attachments, like hose ,nozzle, cleaning head.

For safety reason, always wear eye protection ,if condition allowed ,please put on the protective suit when using a high pressure water cleaner.

Somethings need to know before you start clean.

  • Do not point it at people
  • Do not stand near the machine when using the cleaner
  • Do not spray on the electrical outlets
  • Do not put your hands in front of the nozzle to test the pressure

When you are no longer using the power cleaner, engage the trigger’s safety lock to avoid accidental happen. After you’ve turned off the machine, control the trigger to relieve the pressure. Doing this will decrease the frequency of maintenance and the cost of replacement parts.

High pressure water cleaning machine is a great tool to clean always grease, grime surfaces. Commercial high pressure cleaning machine is known for their powerful engines, durable pumps with more high pressure and big flow rate .

Commercial high pressure water cleaner is also packed with pump unit , accessories and high quality components to make them suitable for any application. Like concrete cleaning, removing mold for some casting body , washing fencing and retaining wall for animal industry .

What makes high pressure water cleaning machine different from power washer?

Mostly, high pressure water cleaning machine we use medium pressure like 800-1200 bar for some hard material cleaning . While for the power washer , we called it is small household type, which is widely use surface cleaning with lower pressure like 100 bar or 200 bar .

Commercial: Quality commercial grade pressure washers from different brands . Cleaning will use brass pump heads which are stronger, can handle more intensive use and have a longer lifetime.

Quality commercial grade pressure washers will also use solid ceramic pistons to avoid corrosion and thus also extending the unit’s lifetime.

Electric, petrol, or diesel commercial power washer which suit for you cleaning work ?

Deciding power cleaner or high pressure water cleaner between an electric, petrol and diesel powered that depends on the cleaning environment and the place easy to get the electricity and in the house or in the outside. Mostly ,for commercial cleaning and some sewer cleaning ,we suggest diesel or petrol type . While ,if you always use the machine is the same place ,we suggest electrical type .

Electrical high pressure water cleaner is typically used for light to medium tasks cleaning. Such automotive garages, car washing shop, cleaning tools/equipment, wall painting facades, graffiti removal.

Diesel type high pressure water cleaner is more powerful and used for medium to heavy tasks cleaning in commercial industry. They have the benefit of not being restricted to access of power. And can handle intensive larger tasks in the outside .

Honda power washer

Premium grade diesel powered power cleaner is powered by the engines are designed for industrial cleaning . When choosing between petrol or diesel high pressure water cleaning machine, it often depends on the cleaning requirement.

Both petrol and diesel powered power washer can deal with medium cleaning. But diesel engines can do more hard cleaning task easy. Like big diameter sewer washing and rust paint removal with UHP water take over 40000 psi .

What is the pressure and flow rate you need to choose ?

When choosing the right high pressure water cleaning machine will be a hard work for some companies. An important factor need to note is what material you are real need to clean ? Surface or pipe or both need to wash , while sometimes you need to clean the sewer.

So we should consider a small pressure like 200-300 bar with big flow rate like 100-220L/min. If you need the machine surface preparation, just consider a more high pressure with low flow rate to achieve cleaning .

The combination of these two important factors will effect the cleaning quality. If you have any cleaning requirement please contact with us ,and send email to sales@watex.com

Water jet blaster machine is a method of cleaning machine holding tanks in recreational vehicles. High pressure water cleaning machine uses high pressure stream to remove virtually all build up and debris in tanks and pipe . If you’ve ever experienced old paint need to removal, then you can consider hydro blasting machine firstly ,it is environmental .

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