High pressure water jet cleaner High pressure water jet cleaner

High pressure water jet cleaner

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High pressure water jet cleaner adopts high pressure water pass through the small hole or orifice of the jet nozzle from water jet pump.

High pressure water jet cleaning machine is a tool which are mainly used to remove stubborn dirt. The popular applications of this equipment like cleaning stones and bottom plates, tank ,pipe system and paint cleaning .

Results in a high-pressure water stream. In order to utilize the power of water. Tools are required that are designed accordingly and tailored optimally to the respective task.

Watex high pressure water jet cleaner provide the high-pressure water, we additionally offer a comprehensive selection of water jet tools.

This is the process in which water jet cleaner are used to remove paint, rust, epoxies from almost any surface.

The process does not cause damage to the underlying facade or generate any heat or dust. High pressure water jet also creates a perfectly clean surface on which new coatings can be applied.

Structure cleaning with high pressure water jet cleaner

Water jetting is typically used on concrete and steel structures such as bridges and tank and some big building made by steel structure . But this method of surface preparation is transferable across much of infrastructure.

On concrete we use rotate head which incorporates powerful vacuum recovery of waste water and debris. It can be used on surfaces .

Bridge decks and tunnels providing a clean dust free finish .Without any percussive vibration associated with mechanical preparation techniques that can create micro cracks.
High pressure water jet cleaner is typically used on steel structures such as bulk storage tanks. bridges and large marine structures that require ongoing surface maintenance.

It can also be selectively used to clean welded seams prior to inspection of steel tanks prior to hydro test.The vacuum used to secure the cleaning tool also removes all the water, dust and debris via a filtration system.

This leaves the tank, vessel or surface clean and ready to be re-coated.This system is most suitable for large surface areas and has a climbing capability up to 30 metres.

Principle of operation for high pressure water jet cleaner

High pressure water jet cleaner is designed on the basis of using water at pressure for cleaning of hard surfaces. Water jetting pump is used to deliver water at high pressure through fluid end driven by diesel engine or electrical motor to meet the cleaning requirements. The flow rate of the water jet cleaning is regulated through regulator valves to meet different flow and pressure requirements.

You benefit from an all-round package of high-pressure technology that is based on the knowledge and experience. Watex have many years experience as high presssure water jet cleaner manufacture.

Functional principle with high pressure water jet pump

High pressure water jet pump are driven by diesel or electrical engines. Water jetting pump transports the inlet water from pump through a high pressure hose. high pressure lancer and rotative cleaning head to the high pressure nozzle. Depending on the geometry of the material you want to clean or the diameter of the high pressure nozzle. The water is strongly accelerated and the water comes out of the nozzle with ultra high pressure.

High pressure water jet cleaner starting from 1,000bar called ultra high pressure water jetting machine. It is a tool for refurbishment and used for the construction industry for roughening of surfaces or removal of concrete. Some of our clients use water jet cleaners for rust removal for ships. In the road line industry .sometimes need you to remove the old line. Now it is more popular used for the road marking as well.

During high pressure water pump working you had to take care of the high pressure water in case the water jetting bring some injuries . So you have to follow the safety instructions strictly.

Using ultra high pressure water jets to clean or prepare surfaces is known as “water jet cleaning”.

Ultra high pressure water jet cleaner is one of the method for road line removal

Ultra high pressure water jet is one of the most environmental way for removal stubborn material. It can remove lines off any surface with little damage to the substrate and uses nothing but high pressure steam.

Road marking removal via high pressure water jet cleaner is the preferred method for many government projects and infrastructure building. As it is quick, efficient and friendly with no using chemicals in the process. val.

Pure water is used as cleaning medium but with ultra high pressure to clean. While cleaning some material , we also have something need to consider. It also depending on the material of the surfaces that have to be cleaned always then we can calculate related parameter for the pump then we can know which machine can meet their cleaning requirement .

While ,till now there is no other alternatives to high pressure water jetting. Like sand blasting or shot blasting for some applications they may be sensible.

Watex supply different pump according to each cleaning application

Depending on the task at hand need to deal with urgently and the location where suitable for water jetting. We should consider cleaning manually or automatically .The automatic high pressure water jetting system is the standard method of operation. Now it is acceptable by more and more industries . In order to attain perfect cleaning results, we can supply special equipment according to the cleaning situation .

High pressure water jet cleaner remove loose paint, dust ,contamination from surfaces and objects, vehicles and concrete surfaces. Different types of nozzle are available for different application. Most cleaning nozzles attach directly to the trigger gun but in the matched size .

We also rent machine and providing high pressure washing service throughout industry.

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