High pressure water jetting machine High pressure water jetting machine

High pressure water jetting machine

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Ultra high pressure water jetting machine is the preferred method on projects where do not need large amounts of abrasives must be collected and disposed. It always used for paint removal for ship repairing and maintenance and oil tank paint removal, and deposit remove from the pipe or vessel .

Several studies have shown that surfaces which have been water blasted with super high pressure water blasters . Watex machine is more better than those jetting with traditional solid abrasive methods.

UHP water jetting machine is very useful for any business that needs water blasting equipment. To begin with, Watex will reduce the overall cost of the operation. Since the overall hydroblasting project duration become shorter (which leads to reduction of the overhead expenses). And no costs occur for the removal, storage and containment of the media.

Moreover, ultra high pressure water jetting system provide a cleaner surface to coat, resulting to longer lasting coating.

High pressure water jetting machine media

Watex also abolishes the possibility of media contamination that can potentially reduce the profits. Such as grit contamination of turbines, compressors and deck equipment, sensitive and equipment with bearings.

The use of water is a technique for cleaning surfaces. High pressure water jetting machine relies solely on the energy . And the force of water striking a surface to achieve its cleaning effect.

In principle , abrasive is not used in water blasting systems. Hence, the problems caused by dust pollution .And by the disposal of spent abrasives are eliminated.

When it comes to speed, it has been already mentioned that, the total project time is reduced. Watex UHP water jetting machine operates at such high pressure that leads to increased productivity. In general, Watex allows immediate completion of work less mess inspection.

Surface condition after water jetting

When large areas are water blasted. Flash rusting which demolish the original surface standard may occur, before painting can be carried out.

The degree of flash rusting depends on many factors. Such as humidity level, temperature and the length of time the surface is exposed.

Small quantities of light tan-brown rust will partially dis-color the original steel surface. The dis-coloration may be evenly distributed, or in patches. But it will not be heavy enough to mark an object brushed against the areas.

Medium flash rust : a layer of light tan-brown rust will cover the original steel surface after high pressure water jetting machine.

This layer may be evenly distributed or in patches. But it will be heavy enough to easily mark objects brushed against the areas.
Heavy flash rust : a heavy layer of dark tan-brown rust will be completely covering the original surface. This layer will be evenly distributed and will easily mark objects brushed against the areas.

Temperature rise when high pressure water blasting

The use of water jet blasting will cause the temperature of the steel to rise. The increase of temperature of the steel surface can be substantial. Depending on the pressure of the equipment used and will help water blasted surfaces to dry off faster. Hence reducing the degree of flash rusting.

It is commonly accepted that surfaces that have been water blasted with super high pressure jetting . It has a significantly lower level of residual chlorides (salts) which allows better coating adhesion and longer life.

Removal of foreign elements with high pressure water jetting machine

The use of water has the advantage of removing oil and grease from the surface along with salt deposits. This is a major plus point of water jet blasting equipment . The grey, brown to black discoloration of corroded and pitted steel after water blasting cannot be removed by further blasting. Studies shows that this thin film consists of mainly ferric oxide, which is an inert material. As it is tightly adherent, it does not present a serious contamination problem.

Ultra High Pressure (UHP) water jetting machine  is an efficient, economical and environmentally pure water cleaning technique to meet different cleaning requirement.

Using top quality pumps and high pressure hoses, water is forced under high levels of pressure into the clogged sewer .Or drain line or combing with rotate cleaning head for surface cleaning .

A special nozzle with high pressure gun attaches to the end of the heavy duty hose . It is equipped with an assortment of forward and reverse water jets . Which directs powerful streams of concentrated water up against dirty, grimy pipe interiors.

High pressure water cleaning machine can deal with the most resilient clogs and blockages . Clearing the line and even leaving the pipe interiors remarkably clean.

Water cleaning machine is a widespread water discharge operation with high pressure. In most cases, because of its efficiency, UHP water cleaning will require only one cleaning gun to achieve the cleaning requirement .

Different pressure of UHP water blasting system for different industries

UHP pressure washer for the pressures ranging from 200 bar -500 bar for pipe cleaning . And from 1500 to 2800 bar for surface cleaning. Besides ,If the wall of the pipe is made by casting metal , and blockaged need ultra high pressure ,also suit the pressure take over 1500-2800 bar .

This pressure range meet the various cleaning requirements of most industrial applications.

Typically, hardened deposits respond better to higher pressures, and softer materials are best removed with higher flows. Each application is unique, though, Watex can help you to choose the most appropriate water blaster for your specific application.

High pressure water jetting machine is the method By which, a UHP stream of water used to remove old Paint, rust, rubber . Chemicals or other heavy build up without causing damage to the surface below it.

If your requirement need high pressure water to clean , high volume output machine . Then your answer is in heavy duty water blaster. High pressure water blasting equipment

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