High pressure water machine High pressure water machine

High pressure water machine

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High pressure water machine can be used on sewer, pavements or on walls for chewing gum removal. UHP pump also can be used for graffiti removal, facade renovation, restoration of historic buildings or for road marking. Also, the rust removal, paint stripping and descaling of workpiece of various kinds is possible with water as media. There are hardly any limits to the availability uses of high pressure water machine

Further areas of application are tank washing, construction machine cleaning, drain cleaning,road marking removal with high pressure water jetting system.

High pressure water jetting pump is a proven and commonly used technology. In many applications and problem situations this is the method of course.

Even the most stubborn soils can be removed with ultra high pressure water jetting pump working at pressure ranges up to 3000 bar. Besides ,the pressure of our UHP pump can be changed according to the material need to remove or clean . If you prepare to remove the blockage by normal hard material , big flow rate with normal pressure can meet you requirement . Rather the the more high pressure the better .

Main Features of the high pressure water machine

High pressure water machine and pump can remove rust,road marking , paint and barnacles from ship hulls in dock. And rust and corrosion of the tank including insider cleaning as well , using water blasting robot also can get more cleaning efficiency .


Adopting high pressure water jet pump to remove old paint and rust then prepare vessels for repainting. It can be a portable and assemble with diesel engine mounted on the trailer.  And it’s automatic system  with a specially designed oscillation nozzle arm to follow the whole contour of  the ship’s

Benefits of high pressure water pump

  • Portability for movement.
  • Provides environmentally cleaning system than sand blasting.
  • Reduces manpower and saving time and cost.
  • Offers versatility from high pressure water cleaning instead of sandblasting.
  • Improves driving time of ship to saving fuel costs and extend life of ship.
  • Stable low maintenance equipment operation offers continuous 24 hour cleaning capability.

Operation of high pressure water machine

High pressure water jetting system is done above and below water.  It is a very controllable cleaning process.  The pressure and flow can be adjusted for any cleaning job from removing surface dirt to stripping chipped  paint  or barnacles. High  pressure cleaning system  is  a  flexible  cleaning system  also.

A high pressure water jetting pump is part of a truck mounted unit. The manual system was chosen because it can adapt to the varied cleaning jobs of this contractor who refurbishes small pleasure craft, as well as, larger commercial vessels.

When paint is removed, a rust inhibitor is used to prevent further rust development until the vessel is repainted. It has been found that high pressure water jetting is much more effective than the old by-hand method with brushes and scrapers in removing the rhizoid of weed spores or barnacles. The old cleaning methods didn’t get at the root of the problem and the growth quickly reappeared.

high pressure water machine can be very useful as part of the preparation process

Before using the water jetting machine , we had to ensure you use the appropriate pressure for the surface cleaning . UHP water jetting pump has along with development of new technology increased rapidly over the years. One of the main reasons is that water jetting is a dust-free blasting method with very few environmental side effects.That other method can not instead .

The use of water jetting pump also has the ecological advantage of eliminating the collection and disposal of blasting media. It also help to clean off dirt, grime and salt.

The use of water jetting technology enables work to be done in areas where conventional cleaning methods can’t finish. Water jetting is ideally suited to sensitive areas as such as terminals, refineries

High pressure water pump also has a very good cleaning effect.

Apart from removing old coatings and rust and corrosion. The high pressure water machine also removes deeply embedded salt. It being resulting in a notable reduction in the chloride levels on the surface.

UHP pump is an industrial method of using high pressure water streams at up to a level of 40000 psi around 2800 bar for cleaning and cutting substance. Such as steel and concrete. It is an alternative method to that of sand blasting. And tends to restore the surface of a material to original material. The recovery of water jetting used in the process makes the power of water stream more efficient and environmentally.

UHP pump in the removal of surface materials such as paint and corrosion scale. And preparing surfaces for bonding in the building trades, and for cutting and shaping materials.

What does UHP water jetting pump meaning?

UHP pump cleaning is a technique for blasting internal and external pipe or tanks. Which relies on ultra high pressure water from the high pressure pump with a hose and cleaning head to achieve the desired cleaning.  Abrasives, potentially harmful chemicals are not used in water jetting cleaning.

UHP water blast machine is sometimes also used to demolish concrete to get the internal sound bar after water jetting concrete and keep the steel structure as well in the demolition industry. This particular industry with water stream blasting have significant advantages over the traditional method of breaking up concrete with jackhammers and excavators.

Environmental conditions for workers are also better with water jetting than sand blasting. As much less dust and noise are generated during the hydro jetting. The effects of the removal of deteriorated concrete including exposed rebar also kept as well as creating a rough surface with the retained concrete that makes it more suited to bonding with new cement that is later poured.

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