Hydro blasting rig platform Hydro blasting rig platform

Hydro blasting rig platform

Date:2024-4-8 Author:water blaster


Hydro blasting for rig platform minimizes waste, does not bring any other activities removes salt and other residues from surfaces. Extend the coating’s lifespan and leaving a clean surface and repainting if necessary.

In ship building and ship hull repair industries the hydro blasting rig platform is particularly effective. Hydro blasting also environmental due to high efficiency cleaning and blasted surface preparation.

Further to above it was also discovered that UHP Blasting machine rapidly washed away hidden salt residues from the the surface of the steel plate . Which grit blasting was locked back into the steel due to the impact of the grit effectively opening and closing the steel surfaces being prepared.

The above discovery was one of the main reasons. Why coating companies around the world started to promote UHP blasting instead of grit blasting surface preparation systems.

Dowside of UHP blasting system

The downside of UHP blasting system was the fact the high pressure water blast system cannot prepare a steel surface. It has not been previously blasted using impact systems such as grit and abrasive blast materials.

UHP hydro blasting equipment offer cost effective solutions to off shore and rig platform and related resource facilities. With carefully selected people and equipment we can offer some of the most up to date machinery.

Isolation is the number one inconvenience to rig facilities; the need to address this problem is an ongoing hurdle on a day to day basis. UHP Solutions work with off shore facility managements to find solutions that address long and short term equipment requirements. Practices and experience on today’s market.

Hydro blasting rig platform as the alternative solution instead of sandblasting

Hydro blasting rig platform has become a viable alternative to sandblasting methodology as it relates to surface preparation. On offshore facilities without the need of abrasive media. That requires other complicated management requirements in the offshore environment.

The number and diversity of hydro blasting applications are virtually limitless not only in the offshore production sector.

These UHP hydroblasting pump units and accessories are designed to undertake the removal of paint and coating systems from ship hulls and decks.

Helicopter landing decks. flight decks, drilling platforms, oil and gas facilities both on and offshore. High pressure water cleaning tanks and vessels. practically all steel surfaces that have been previously blast prepared and coated with a protective cover can effectively refurbished with UHP water blasting system.

Hydro blasting rig platform

Watex is a great example of vessel which ultra high pressure water jetting is required . And not mentioning that hydro blasting is the most cheap. And biodegradable method to blast corrosion or coating loses for a better surface preparation.

The above vessel was repaired by us to prevent corrosion . And hydro blasting rig platform was performed in its tanks. which were in need of repair.

The oil and gas industry is fast moving and high demand. As such issues involving repair and renovation need to be done quickly, efficiently and with minimal down time.

Anything from concrete renovation and surface preparation to water jet pipe cleaning. and tank cleaning can be handled by Watex professional hydroblsting machine.

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