Hydro jet cleaning machine Hydro jet cleaning machine

Hydro jet cleaning machine

Date:2024-4-10 Author:water blaster

Hydro jet cleaning machine can be used for lots of industries that rely on the process include the construction industry. Metal industry, the craft trades, municipalities, shipyards, the oil and gas industry, forestry .

Further areas of application are tank pipe tube cleaning, construction machine cleaning, system cleaning and sewer cleaning. Ultra high pressure water jet cleaning in many applications and problem situations this is the method of course. Jetting with hydro jet cleaner is a proven and commonly used technology.

Even the most stubborn soils can be removed with hydroblasting machine working at pressure ranges up to 2780 bar working pressure.

Watex can offer this hydro jet cleaning machine with water pressures up to 2800 bar.  This is a technology which achieves results. Every surface beset with soils needing removal is a potential job for hydro blaster system.

What are the advantages of hydro jet cleaning machine

  • There are many advantages of using hydro blaster over chemical cleaning. Brush cleaning, water pipe cleaning and several other conventional methods .
  • Suitable to clean tubes pipes of all material without harm, from brass stainless steel to titanium,metal to nonmetal .
  • Inhibits corrosion and deposit and extends tube or oi/gas pipe jetting life by removing corrosive deposits from inside of the tubes and tube pits also including outside like rust paint removal.
  • Cleans any length and diameter of straight or U-tube heat exchanger with rotate cleaning heads.
  • Extends maximum operating efficiency by removing fine layer of silt and organic debris. Which is missed by mechanical cleaning and leads to rapid re-fouling can meets cleaning and efficiency both requirement.
  • Hydro jet cleaning machine removes any foreign scale deposit especially for sewer jetting and oil industries .
  • Environmental safety – No chemical discharges or hazardous waste removal and no bad smoking to the atmosphere .
  • Custom designed cleaning nozzles, which offer full 360° inner diameter cleaning without streaking tube.

No shrouding for hydrojet cleaner machine

Watex using water blasting eliminates the harmful and often damaging side effects produced by hydro blasting such as airborne dust. Chemical pollution and surface ingrained residual blasting materials.

It is the healthy, environmentally friendly method of surface preparation.

The energy of the high velocity water jetting into the pores in the metal surface flushing out solid foreign matter and non water soluble pollutants such as oil and grease.

The amount of waste produced is far less than that produced by dry blasting. It is only the waste water, old paint, marine growth and rust which is easily collected for separation and disposal.

Water can be treated for disposal or recycling.Shrouding the work area is not necessary. Water will not harm nearby things as is often the case with ingress of flying grit particles nor is there any unhealthy dust to distress yard personnel.

Substrates prepared by Watex water blasting can meet the quality requirements set by international paint manufacturers and standards authorities for the application of new coatings.

Many factors affect hydro jet cleaning machine

Water pressure necessary depends upon the condition of the existing surface layers , the type of coating to be applied .

Pump units
The heart of any high pressure cleaning or ultra high pressure blasting system is the pump unit. They can also be mounted in a range of heavy duty containers particularly suitable for the dockyard environment.

Whether it involves ships, painting cubicles or painted metal roofs: With high-pressure water, paint can be efficiently removed easy.

With its different cleaning systems, Watex offers a cleaning system for all applications. High pressure water blasting pumps can be combined with matching parts and coordinated to the paint-removal substrate.

By the use of high-pressure guns, surface cleaners .Watex offer extensive options for removing paint with high pressure water. In painting cubicles ,like the automotive industry, so-called over-spray arises during the painting process.

Over-spray is made up of the paint which does not adhere to the workpiece and leaks out into the environment.

These exhaust air systems frequently have a large surface area and are covered with grates set in the ground of the painting cubicles.

A large percentage of this over-spray collects on these grates, and in the ducts leading from them. These system have to be cleaned frequently and, in case of extensive use, even daily.

Hydro jet cleaning is the good method for surface preparation

Hydro jet cleaning is a form of high pressure water cleaning that relies entirely on the power of pure water. It can be used to remove paint and scrap dirty surfaces without resorting sand.

Hydro jet cleaner is a technique for cleaning internal and external surfaces, like the pipe or tank cleaning. Hydrojet cleaner or water jetting can effectively remove a wide variety of tough dirt in difficult to reach points or locations in a safe and efficient method.

Hydro jet cleaning machine operations are commonly categorized as high pressure and water jetting based on the following operating pressures: High pressure working pressures from 800 bar (11,600 psi) to 1,500 bar (21,750 psi) . Ultra high pressure water blasting pressures  more than 1,800 bar (26,100 psi)

What is hydro jet cleaning machine used for ?

There are many usages for hydro jet cleaning , including restoring surfaces like rust metal, old ship surface, pavement, road marking ,building façade. Hydrojet is very effective at removing grease, oil and other stubborn substances. It is also a good way for removing graffiti and boring pipes and drilling pipes .

A highly pressurized and focused water, generally above 1000 bar comes from a water blasting machine, which includes a pressure pump and the right nozzles. This cleaning method may also require enclosures to protect the parts of the material or structures from unwanted water spray.

Hydrojet cleaning is also called “hydroblasting “. It is being used in a growing number of applications dominated by previous sand blasting machine.

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