Hydroblaster also called hydro blaster machine Hydroblaster also called hydro blaster machine

Hydroblaster also called hydro blaster machine

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Hydroblaster also called a hydro blaster machine, operates pressure washer equipment for industrial cleaning and construction jobs. The pressures ranging from 1000 bar ,1500 bar, 2000 bar, 2500 bar,2780 bar to 3000 bar . This pressure range meet the various cleaning requirements of most industrial applications.

The duties of a hydro blaster technician include transporting the UHP water to the site. And setting up and inspecting the water blaster before each use. Hydro Jetting Equipment technician must have specialized training to operate the machine safely.

Skills and qualifications to be a Water Blaster technician include the ability to conduct routine and required maintenance on the unit and all peripherals . Including industrial vacuuming equipment and the disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous materials. 

We built our first hydro blaster industrial high pressure cleaner in 1990 .And since then have developed hundreds of different models and configurations. Hydro blaster pressure washer certified to UL CSA and CE standards are among the safest industrial pressure washers in the world.

Many dirver for the hydroblaster

Hydroblaster pumps can be powered by electric motors or diesel engines .And pneumatic motors, and configured stationary, portable, skid or trailer mounted. Hot water heater for pressure washer may be fueled with electricity, oil . LP gas or natural gas.

With water flows up to 200 L/min and pressures to 1400 bar , it is likely that we have just the system for your cleaning application.

Advantages of hydroblaster

In many areas, the efficient, environmentally friendly .And gentle Ultra high pressure water pump is used to clean or remove residues. The water blasting equipment uses water and high pressure for applications such as de-varnishing, container cleaning or concrete refurbishment. Surface cleaning of, for example, road surfaces is quick and thorough.

Watex offers a wide range of high-pressure plunger pumps, units, tools and accessories for this technology.

High pressure hydro blaster applications

There are hardly any limits to the possible uses of hydroblaster (hydro blasting). It can be used on streets, pavements , chewing gum removal. graffiti removal, facade renovation, restoration of historic buildings or for road marking removal. Also, the rust removal, paint stripping and descaling of workpiece of various kinds is possible.

Hydro blaster also called water blaster uses water jetting to clean pipe, tube ,tank, boiler, remove paint, and performs maintenance for the industry equipment like food factories . Water blaster is a widely used for the removal of dust, coating, or rust from the surface .

Hydroblaster is a powerful technique that is used for cleaning surfaces both inside and outside.

Watex has 25 years experience with all types of water jetting system and specializes in water blast machine. Our high pressure blasting uses water that is pressurized up to 40,000 psi to remove coating and debris from substrates.

Accessories of the hydro blaster

  • Hydroblaster pump.
  • Many different types of the nozzles including surface cleaning and pipe cleaning and sewer jetting .
  • High pressure trigger Gun
  • High pressure hose with different diameter for different material cleaning
  • Foot valve for pipe or tube cleaning

Water blaster for surface preparation

Water blaster as a tool is a form of high pressure jetting machine. Blasting water out from a pressurized nozzle at a high speed can result in incredible force. In fact, this force is so strong that it can completely clean anything.

When using hydro blaster for surface preparation, there are a number of benefits that chemical or mechanical blushing can’t compare.

Hydro blaster will not require harmful chemical or dangerous substance. There’s no risk of damaging the environment, or the surrounding area.

Water blasting is quick and efficient method, reducing the downtime of the factory in general.No damage will be caused to the surface that’s being cleaned .

Benefits of hydro blaster for cleaning

In contrast to abrasive cleaning, hydro blaster tends to be more safer and result in high cleaning efficiency. These are many reasons that hydro blasting is becoming more popular.

Hydro blasting can focus on smaller areas that difficult to reach place or sensitive surface. Because it can be so targeted, you can remove coating or rust in one place without damaging neighboring surface.

Normal wear and tear cause failure point in different types of coating. Watex can remove the all of the coatings with hydro blaster without doing any additional damage to the surface. This is a great advantage of hydro blaster ability. The result is an exceptionally clean enough with enough adhesive strength to accept a new coating.

Water blaster has the unique ability to remove the coating and discover any deficiencies in the structure without risking damage.

Advantages of hydro blaster comparing with other method


Hydroblaster has the ability to be five times faster than sand blasting equipment. It also obviously reduces clean-up since there is no media collection and disposal. The result is a significant reduction of the time to finish the same project.

Environmental responsible

There are no toxic chemicals or other media used in hydro blasting. All the work is done by high pressure water obliterating the material or coating need to deal with .This makes it more environmentally and friendly.

Hydro blaster has the ability to adapt to the requirements of almost any space and be completed in places where traditional abrasive blasting cannot. We can convert pressure on-site quickly for various applications.

Reduce surface fatigue during the water blasting

While water blaster very powerful, the combination of water and air pressure will not cause stress to the structural part. Other cleaning methods will cause vibrations creating micro fractures that increase the risk of cracking or deterioration. Hydro blaster is able to clean surface while also optimizing operation condition , improving asset longevity as well .

Hydroblaster without any dust

During the jetting process only use water, so there is no dust pollution. Hydro blasting can be performed in tandem with other contractors on the same project without stopping. It is a safe and easy use in explosive environments. Dustless jetting means less downtime or shorter shutdowns for your facility.

Safety Concern should know before use hydroblaster

Hydro blaster is very strong tool, in order to avoid potential injuries, it is important that they are should be used properly by the operator who have the requisite knowledge for operation.

If water working pressure at 40,000 PSI can cut down concrete and metal sheet . It need to know the high pressure water can do some serious damage to skin and bone. Hydro blasting need the highest safety precaution.

Besides , examination of hoses and fittings must be completed frequently and replaced if there is any sign of wear or leak . We believe that only our employees feel experienced and professional with proper training , and knowledge that to be learned at any level everyone benefits.

On the other side , we also making the machine and assembled the machine in it’s max safety like the raw material and the way of assembled .Some safety tools should arranged and fixed with the pump .

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