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A simple definition of hydroblasting is the process of using specialized water pump to intensify and improve water pressure for surface preparation and hard deposits from equipment or surface.

Hydro blasting machine is usually associated with petrochemical plant maintenance and turnaround work. Hydro blast machine is a little known construction technique that can be used for a wide variety of applications.

For the most part, it’s used for cleaning thick dirt . And debris that can build upon a number of industrial surfaces. Like ship hull industry , more and more giant ship owner like hydroblasting with robotic system for old paint and rust removal.

And some like abrasive blasting ,because of the weather condition requirement , very cool weather do not allow the water to achieve cleaning, so only sand blasting combining with our robotic system can meet those tank or ship hull cleaning requirement .

Water Jetting is similar to pressure washing but is performed at extraordinarily high pressures (above 14,500 PSI). If the pressure is below 14,500 psi it is typically considered pressure washing or also known as water cleaning. 1000bar -1500 bar hydro blasting machine mostly used for pipe and tube cleaning, but the flow rate should be more big which can increase the cleaning ability .

Hydro blasting Equipment is useful in various industries

Hydroblasting Equipment is well equipped to handle your specific needs. With pumps ranging from 14,500 to 40,000 PSI, we have the power to clean anything. It also need the high performance diesel engine or electrical motor and better coupling with gear.

So it has a high requirement for the assembling . Our experienced engineer and technician will give us the strict procedure that our workers step by step to guarantee the high quality machine for our clients .

We also have an arsenal of different guns, nozzles, heads. And automated equipment to make sure that we can finely tune our equipment to your job.

When combined with lance line, our machines and operators are highly effective at cleaning clocked piping, tubing. And other hard to clean areas.

Our hydroblasting technicians receive advanced training in using the latest High Pressure Cleaning Machine. Like hand lances, flexible lances, and automated tools including spin jets, floor mowers, and three dimensional cleaning heads.

This knowledge often allows us to clean tanks and vessels without entering potential dangerous areas, or performing confined space entries. All of this saves you money, and gives you a more effective clean.

Hydro blasting machine ranges between 200 – 3,000 bar. Even the most stubborn dirt will be removed from metal surfaces.

We can also hydro demolishing concrete, remove surfaces such as rubber. Cleaning poxy and plastics from floors, walls, tanks and other structures efficiently .

Professional surface and inside cleaning

Industrial tanks and pipe systems are cleaned with experienced and modern equipment. We carry out pumping, transfers and temporary storage unit to cooperate the high pressure pump jetting .

Besides , heat exchangers , columns, air heater baskets, road marking ,rubber of the runway of the airport protective coating for the metal surface. Like bridge structure , diesel engine and old car old car need to make new painting ,other general  high pressure cleaning.

Hydro blasting will be a good chosen for you cleaning service . If you have any cleaning service or something not clear , please contact WATEX . We are confident that our machine can be you best option not only it’s price but high quality and good afterservice. Besides , we have lots of agents in many countries like Norway, Iceland , German,

Prevention of further damage with hydroblasting

Hydro blasting concrete  is a concrete removal technique which utilizes high-pressure water to remove deteriorated . It also can be used for sound concrete as well as asphalt and grout.

This process provides an excellent bonding surface for repair material and new coating applications.

Hydro blasting is not used as much for demolition cement  as it is for surface restoration and protection projects.

Concrete has deteriorated the rebar has begun to corrode, it is necessary to remove any unsound concrete and reinforcing rebar.

Unlike jackhammers, hydro blasting does not produce vibrations throughout the structure and does not introduce any micro fractures as well .

Hydroblasting scarification

Removal of this type is done in order to provide a good microfracture-free surface for bonding with new, sound concrete. 

Much like applying oil and chips to an asphalt road. This helps extend the useful life of the bridge decking and road surface by delaying the need for complete replacement.

Hydroblasting is useful in various industrial settings to safely and efficiently remove residue. And material buildup from tanks, reactors, boilers, piping, tube bundles. Mostly ,clients will use mechanical tools or chemical materials to clean.

But the effect is not satisfied and create lots of contaminants materials that government not allow . For the reason of the environmental and atmosphere requirement , more and more clients like hydro blasting as their cleaning method .

Partial depth removal with hydroblasting

Partial depth removal involves the selective removal of deteriorated concrete to a certain depth or of a concrete overlay to a depth exceeding 3/4″.

It is usually done in the case of concrete restoration projects where embedded objects such as rebar are substantial and need to be preserved.

Full depth removal with hydroblasting

Complete removal of a concrete deck is done when it is too deteriorated to keep. But the structural concrete is adequate or can be easily repaired after the hydrodemolition has taken place.

It can also be a preferred alternative where a bridge deck has been compromised during initial construction but not yet open to traffic. It allows the preservation of the reinforcement while the deck concrete can be fully replaced to meet the design intent.

Hydro blasting has been used successfully to remove concrete over the old road and hole of the bridges that need to extend the diameter for making the new concrete. Other method can not instead but our hydrodemolition with our hydroblasting system can meet you requirement , if you were interested in our hydrodemolition robot please contact with us and send email to sales@watex.com

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