Hydrodemolition robot of concrete removal Hydrodemolition robot of concrete removal

Hydrodemolition robot of concrete removal

Date:2024-6-10 Author:water blaster

Hydrodemolition robot travels over the concrete surface at a constant speed, taking advantage of the concrete’s permeability to create an over pressure that breaks it apart. Hydrodemolition of concrete removal technique utilizing high pressure water to remove deteriorated and old concrete .

The automation of the Watex robots allow operators to easily execute both selective and non-selective removals. This increase the life expectancy of the refurbishment. Up to 50% better bonding on rough surfaces and less cost in the future for construction.

Hydrodemolition technology removes concrete using water pressure of up to 3000 bar, for long-lasting, high quality repairs. It creates no micro-cracks and leaves an ideal bonding surface for the fresh concrete.

This process provides an excellent bonding surface for repair material and new concrete. Hydrodemolition of concrete removal does produce vibrations along with the reinforcing steel .

We are utilizing our technology to complete hydro demolition robot of concrete removal work with automated robotics . This increases safety for our workers in the field and production rate . Automation gives the operate the ability to set parameters according to the thickness of the concrete and what is the hardness of the concrete .

Solutions of hydrodemolition robot of concrete removal

Watex can provide a variety of solutions for hydro demolition from fully automated remotely controlled robotic solutions with full vacuum recovery of waste to cleaning. And scabbling of concrete surfaces prior on new pours.

This type of technique provides an excellent bonding surface for repair material to adhere to.

  • Application of hydrodemolition for concrete :
  • Removal of concrete for repair
  • Excavation of steel for structural modification
  • Cleaning and scabbling concrete for new pours
  • Surfacing of concrete on bridges
  • Structural modifications to critical support structures
  • Vibration free
  • Hydro-demolition does not induce any vibration into the structure . So does not induce cracking of the concrete or separation of enforcement steel from the substrate.

Hydro demolition is a concrete removal technique which harnesses the power of ultra-high pressure water to cut and remove concrete. 

Watex specializes on “taking the man away from the job”. We have a selection of semi-automatic, hydraulically driven equipment which can be remotely operated.

There is always a need for some “hand gunning” works but we try to keep this top a minimum in favour of our remotely operated options.

The principal benefits of hydro demolition robot of concrete removal

  • No risk to the operator of hand arm vibration syndrome permitting operators to work safely
  • The water jetting process leaves steel reinforcement and/or structural embed undamaged and ready for re-use.
  • There is no percussion therefore no risk of damage to other parts of the structure due to vibration
  • The “broken edge” left by water jetting has sufficient “key” properties to permit adherence of recast concrete without the need for additional surface preparation.

Hydrodemolition robot of concrete is widely used in the alteration or repair of structures in many industry sectors.

It is recognized by many civil engineers, structural engineers and consultants as the safest. Most effective, vibration-free method of removing concrete.

Hydro demolition machine uses high pressure water to remove the concrete from the steel bar then will be easy to make the new cement without break the internal good concrete .

It is widely used for road and bridge repairing or extend area . It is the new technology instead of the hydraulic hammer without cause any dust which is friendly and environmental .

Our range of ultra high pressure water blasting is ideally suited to hydro demolition machine applications. This, coupled with our range of hydro demolition accessories, ensures we can supply you with the complete package.

Two removal methods with hydro demolition robot machine

Selective removal is the preferred method when only the deteriorated concrete needs to be removed. Hydrodemolition robot machine uses high-pressure water up to 22,000 psi (1500 bar) to selectively remove concrete at a predetermined quality level.

Non-selective removal is the preferred method when concrete needs to be removed to a predetermined depth. Independent of the quality of the concrete. Watex robot uses high-pressure water above 22,000 psi (1500 bar).

No matter what option you choose, the high pressure water jet technology will create a rough surface optimal for bonding of new concrete without creating any micro-cracks or damage to the remaining structure. At the same time, it leaves the rebar intact and cleaned from rust and corrosion.

With hydro demolition machine, you control the end result, always ensuring you meet the customer’s specifications. Watex hydro demolition machine robot can do the work of up to 35 jackhammer operators. It can increase productivity and improve safety. Noise is greatly reduced, and silica dust exposure .

Hydrodemolition machine allows the safe, selective removal of concrete using ultra high pressure water.

There are many reasons for using hydro demolition robot including: no damage to rebar, no damage to underlying structure (no micro-cracks). The ability to access confined work spaces, and increased productivity over traditional techniques.

Hydrodemolition machine robot of concrete

Watex hydro demolition equipment robot removes concrete by moving a high-pressure water jet over the surface in a pre-determined pattern at a pre-determined speed until the desired depth is reached. This is repeated over the entire surface in order to guarantee the same quality depth over the entire structure.

The remaining surface is free from delaminated or otherwise damaged concrete leaving a perfect surface for the new concrete to bond to.

In the process of hydrodemolition through robot , no micro cracks are introduced to the structure. Neither does hydro demolition machine cut the rebar. If there is corrosion on the rebar, it is removed in the hydro demolition process.

By adjusting the proper pressure and flow rate, a more or less selective removal is achieved. Below a certain pressure level, the water will not cut the aggregate, only the paste bonding the aggregate together.

Through the increasing pressure, the operation is still selective but when starting to cut the aggregate the selective zone decreases. That means that the surface may contain concrete with lesser strength that the surrounding material.

Repairing a large concrete with jackhammers is simply ineffective and causes lots damage to the remaining structure. Requiring extra work to repair and can not guarantee the integrity of the structure,especially for the bridge .

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