Industrial high pressure washing machine Industrial high pressure washing machine

Industrial high pressure washing machine

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Industrial high pressure washing machine is a water sprayer that is used to remove dirt, grease, paint & others from surfaces. The rising demand for equipment to remove coatings from surfaces including metal, wood .And concrete will fuel the high pressure equipment market size.

Industrial high pressure washer is frequently utilized to prepare the surface before the final coating or varnishing. Industry high pressure washer reduces the manual effort and enhances cleaning efficiency.

Further, the growing adoption of machine for areas with limited accessibility, such as cracks, corners, and overhangs,will escalate industry proliferation.

Industial high pressure washing machine’s principles can be incorporated into a purpose built centralized system. Where the pump is separate from the cleaning lance and the water is fed to it via a ring main system with outlets for the lance at fixed points along it.

This type of industrial high pressure cleaner is invaluable in industrial processes such as food production. Industry high pressure washing machine can be developed to suit your specific requirements, for the most efficient cleaning.

Watex’s cleaning systems use a multi pump enabling varying numbers of operators to use it at different times. Because it has varies pumps for cleaning different material . This ensures that the system receives even usage and is therefore more effective and economic. 

Industrial high pressure washing machine for surface preparation

Industrial high pressure washing machine for the more difficult jobs like graffiti removal, or for sanitation purposes. It is an environmentally friendly method of cleaning and sanitizing surfaces.

Industrial high pressure washing is a high pressure plunger pump that uses high pressure water jet to remove mold, grime, dust, mud and dirt from surfaces and objects such as buildings, vehicles and concrete road surfaces. A industry pressure washer is also known as power pressure washer.

High pressure washing direct a high-pressure stream or jet of water against a surface to clean, descale, de-grease or prepare a surface. Industry high pressure washing machine may use either cold water or hot water and steam to perform their function.

They are used for surface cleaning,demolition of products made of metal, wood, concrete, stone, plastic, or other building materials.

Industry high pressure washing pumps are available as complete machines ,or they can be purchased in component form and built from the ground up.

Industrial high pressure washing machine for surface preparation

Surface preparation is ideally suited to general deposit removal and removing coatings and preparing surfaces. Paint and preservative coating can be found on both interior and exterior surface of the ship with separate area being coated differently according to their particular kind of exposure.

When preparing surfaces for inspection, water jetting offers many advantages over traditional sand blasting without secondary damage, contamination or profiling.

Watex recently developed the new water jet unit, an environmentally safe internal caisson cleaning system capable of operating below sea level to remove all scale and marine growth from the caisson back to deck level for disposal.

This prevents debris from dropping to the seabed creating environmental contamination, or being sucked into the lift pumps on adjacent caissons.

High pressure water for different surfaces preparation

  • General cleaning tasks such as the cleaning of machine parts, process engineering components, transport containers, valves etc.
  • Cleaning technical surfaces and those surfaces affecting the process
  • Removal of coatings and paint layers on constructions and technical equipment.
  • Derusting of steel surfaces
  • Removal of burnt-in materials, e.g. due to high-process temperatures or from welding works

Fast, effective and economical cleaning with water for surface preparation

High pressure cleaning with water can be used for a wide range of surfaces. High work efficiency and at the same time a high level of safety for the operator are achieved with innovative tools and accessories.
Even difficult and uneven surfaces can be cleaned with high pressure water. Water blasting does not generate any dust and also saves on procurement and disposal of jetting material.

Surface preparation such as oils, dispersions or mineral paints as well as stubborn deposits are broken up, loosened and carried away by the high water pressure.

This generally avoids the associated strains that are borne by user, surface and environment. As only pure water is used, substances removed can be simply filtered out. There are no residual acids, alkalis or other solvents which have to be disposed of.

All in all, the waste quantities and the costs are significantly reduced. Water jetting can also be used for application in Explosion proof applications.

Product tanks and pressure vessels surface preparation with industrial high pressure washing machine

Removing product, by-product, scale or corrosion helps achieve capacity, increased throughput, enhanced product quality and improved production levels, therefore offering greater cost effectiveness.

The Filter separates oil from solids and has a solvent back wash system so that any residual oil content can be further reduced to meet non-hazardous landfill specifications.

Watex has incorporated the use of many way cannons to circulate and tank sludge so that it can be pumped to the filter Press to reduces the effluent volume to be taken offsite for surface preparation.

Coating is the most effective way of providing protection for metal surface and to prolong the lifespan of marine vessel and other offshore structures.

Before paint the surface of the steel sheet, the substrate must be thoroughly cleaned to obtain maximum adhesion of paint to steel surface.

The surface of the ship or the offshore equipment should be properly prepared before coating the substrate. All cracks, small holes and other imperfections which may not allow the paint to adhere well with the substrate. Smooth and an even surface should be well on the substrate before any painting applied.

Some factors need to be considered before implementing

The first thing to consider is to identify the type of substrate you want to paint. Because different substrate materials will need different types of adhesives with different methods of surface preparation. It is important to choose the right pretreatment procedure will effectively prepare the surface without damaging it.

Some surfaces may require nothing only remove the rust. Whatever materials you want to deal with. Equipping yourself with a comprehensive knowledge of surface preparation is more better .

The second factor is to identify the type of contaminant on the surface of substrate. This will help to determine the most effective method for removing the debris .

Temperature and humidity also should be put into account

It is must be in a fine environment will help to enhance adhesion of the film to the surface. When coating a surface prepared by blasting, the real issue is the cleaning effect and cleaning cost and cleaning speed.

Humidity must be the responsibility in the course of surface preparation and coating of the substrate. A good humidity and temperature will decrease the time of surface preparation blasting .

Surface preparation is the vital step of any paint process. The success of any coating system depends on careful and complete preparation of the structure before painting.

High quality industrial high pressure washing machine cleaning is an important factor in achieving high bond strength, lifespan of joints paint, durability and to prevent paint failure.

Moisture will affect the surface on ship and surface preparation for painting

It has been estimated that 70% of all premature coating failure is caused by inadequate or improper surface preparation.

Common surface preparation on ship including flash rust, which occurs if the surface is subjected to environmental factor before the first coat is applied.

Industrial high pressure washing machine prevents the coating from adhering properly to the substrate surface after blasting. High humidity conditions always cause the formation of rust bloom on the metal surface, resulting in delamination.

Corrosion is a big problem on marine vessels till now. Good surface preparation is free of soluble materials that could cause surface coating to fail prematurely and reduce a vessel’s lifespan. Protective coatings on a marine vessel protect its substrate from water, rust, acids, that could cause corrosion.

Surface preparation on ship with industrial high pressure washing machine comparing with abrasive blasting

Compared to abrasive blasting, surface preparation with water blasting for painting is not extremely labor intensive and hazardous. During normal abrasive blasting workers do not only spend long periods of time handling forces of 100 N and above.

Industrial high pressure washing machine also need to take precautions to avoid exposure to the dust containing hazardous chemicals. Furthermore, abrasive blasting methods also create environment problems. So hydro blasting will be more popular.

With the extent of the toxicity and long-term health damage caused by lead. The public maintenance operations adopts to avoid contaminating the environment and to avoid potential risks to the general public’s health.

The best alternative method for ship blasting

There is no solutions for marine surface preparation like water blasting surface preparation offered for the preservative coating.

Determining the best cleaning method for paint depends on the ship’s substrate and the coating manufacturer’s recommendations. The most common techniques include:

Industrial high pressure washing machine uses high pressure jets of water to clean a surface and spray off loose paint. Salt, dirt, oil, and rust, eliminating the need for abrasives.

In the marine industry, humidity and adverse temperatures can delay maintenance schedules and add extra cost. While you can’t control the weather, you can choose the ideal me

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