Paint hydro blasting Paint hydro blasting

Paint hydro blasting

Date:2024-6-3 Author:water blaster


Paint hydro blasting ? Doesn’t that just sound cool, exciting, and maybe a little dangerous?  Well, that’s what we thought too. It requires serious safety consideration and experience.

Watex have many types of cleaning ways according to the practical situation and evolution of scientific approach. We always find the right solutions for each project. 

On the other hand, the intensity of water under enough pressure to blast coatings off the surfaces they were adhered to is more than just a little dangerous.

That being said, there was a demand for another technique that doesn’t use any abrasive. You guessed it,paint hydro blasting .

Nonetheless, we are always looking for creative solutions to grow our company so we can continue to be the all-in-one option for our customers.

After tossing the idea around for a couple of months and doing our research. we sent one of our most experienced techs on a road trip to check out the equipment for rental, take a training class, and bring it all back to our headquarters.

Advantages of paint hydro blasting

Paint hydro blasting has the ability to be six times faster than a regular media machine. Instead of spending many days on the job site. you could potentially only need to spend 3 days removing the same coating and completing surface preparation.

This, of course, depends on the project and it’s important to keep in mind that every job is different and comes with its own unique set of challenges.

While it is very powerful, it is delicate as well. For example, paint hydro blasting can completely destroy the coating over concrete while not damaging the surface of the concrete. Other methods risk cracking or deterioration of cement.

There are no chemicals or contaminants used in hydro blasting. This means it is also totally “dustless”. All the work is done by high-pressure air and water. This makes it a cleaner and more environmentally friendly option.

No chemical and contaminant

Our equipment is extremely versatile and allows us to converts pressure on-site quickly for various applications. Finally, just like our company, our hydro blasting equipment is completely mobile. We can go anywhere you need us.

Watex paint hydro blasting is not hard to operate. but it can be very dangerous if not used properly by a trained, skilled user. The amount of sheer pressure the equipment provides demands a cautious approach.

When you have water shooting out at 40,000 PSI towards someone or something. It can cause permanent damage and even amputation.

In addition, paint hydro blasting is a good practice to check the hoses before each use to ensure there are no leaks.  These hoses are special steel braided hoses intended for use in high-pressure applications.

If you were to spring a leak and that water went shooting out in a direction that wasn’t the target, you are likely going to have serious damage to people and/or property.

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