High pressure jetting machine High pressure jetting machine

High pressure jetting machine

High pressure water jetting machine is typically done through an opening called a clean-out, which is an accessible opening present in every plumbing system and designed to allow plumbers to easily "clean out" debris and other clogs. High pressure water blasting machne consists of a large tank of water, a special high-pressure hose, a special high-strength nozzle, and a cleaning machine with pump unit which pressurizes the water in the hose so that it can spray out of the nozzle at a pressurized rate of up to 40000 psi and a flow rate of 56L/min

High pressure water jet machine for pipe tank tube cleaning and remove the blockage ,water blasting machine for rust paint removal with high pressure water, hydro jetting machine also can be used for road marking removal and rubber of airport removal .It is widely used for many industries


High pressure jetting machine is widely used for chemical ,mining industry ,oil gas industry and ship hull industries for surface preparation. Combing with high performance cleaning accessories and tools can achieve a high efficiency blasting .

Available as a skid or trailer unit. Watex water blasting equipment offer a host of features to provide contractors with enhanced performance, superior durability, and unsurpassed operating efficiency.

What happens when Watex takes the toughest high pressure jetting machine in the industry and improves it from end to end? One of the most notable changes is the special water tank and filter system. This integrated design helps extend system life, while larger filters help extend on-site operating time.

We invite you to explore all the enhancements and operating features of the Watex D-Stream. Waterjet pump, with its quick-change, in-line fluid end design, has fewer parts for increased operating efficiency and simpler maintenance.

All operating controls, including the pressure compensating by-pass valve and pressure gauge with snubber, are mounted on a separate accessory manifold, which provides additional protection for these important components.

Pressure cleaner pump unit

  • Swing-Down manifold for full component access 
     Convert to various pressures in the field with minimal downtime
     Engine driven charge pump to ensure the fluid end receives water at the correct pressure, regardless of the supply conditions.
  • With the operating pressure from 100 bar to 3000 bar, it is ideally suited for a wide variety of cleaning work, e.g. In the chemical industry, oil and gas industries as well as in the area of ship cleaning.
  • The sealing water system used prevents leakage, enables an especially high durability of the high-pressure seals and counteracts the ingress of air.

1) pump anti vibration technology

  • The pump anti vibration technology reduces vibration during pumping by 50% allowing less movement and greater control of the end hose.
  • The one button stabilization technology dampends any pump movement resulting from repositioning the piston. This allows precise positioning of the end hose.
  • With cycle times of up to 29 per minute (at 12 MPa), pump efficiency is increased up to 25% while fuel consumption is decreased by up to 10%.
  • By adopting our new swing brake technology, the pump’s over-swing amplitude is reduced by 60%
  • The advanced hydraulic system developed by an international team ensures precise operation and energy conservation
  • Extra reinforcements in the boom, arm, swing platform and undercarriage increase stability and service life
  • Easily accessible service points and a detachable radiator screen are among the features that make scheduled maintenance more convenient

Versatile and easy control panel for high pressure jetting machine

Control system ensure the high stability of the flow rate and continuous high pressure washer and guarantee high volumetric efficiencies at high pressures in a quick speed as well.

It features for waterproof and dust-proof ,the protection level reached to IP 65. Combining pump anti vibration technology ,the pump anti vibration technology reduces vibration during pumping by 50%

1)watex fault self diagnostic technology

Continually monitors more than 20 aspects of the system during operation. Faults are displayed on the monitor. Review of the detected faults can reduce troubleshooting time by 70%.

  • Low water lever shutdown system
  • Water temperature shutdown system
  • Different pressure alarm
  • Oil pressure alarm
  • Oil temperature alarm
  • Water pressure switch to keep the pressure of the water into the pump is eligible

All of the electrical components from famous brand

  • All of the electrical components adopts Schneider and some control electrical component parts purchased from Siemens or the similar high quality brands .
  • The drive system for the diesel engine from Bosch

Diesel engine purchased from famous brand ,we supply OEM service

Diesel engineer as the same important parts like high pressure pump ,so we purchased all of our diesel engine purchased from Cummins or same quality brands

  • Cummins engine oil ,every 1000 hours to update
  • Service network all of the world
  • Max rotating speed 1900 rpm
  • Advanced fuel injection technology ,heat efficiency 9.8MJ/KWH

304 stainless steel water tank in 4 mm thickness for high pressure jetting machine

If the water tank made by plastic or normal steel will break and rust easy and break the pump easy and increase the rating of the blockage

  • 250 gallon water tank.
  • Triple 200 gpm filters – the first in its class..
  • Water tank with no pressure filter system by Watex design.
  • Equipped with low water shutdown system and high temperature stop system.
  • Italy mechanical floating valve can eliminate the water hammer effectively
  • Allows for water to de-aerate before entering the pump, extending the life of the parts.
  • Low water level switch to prevent cavitation from water supply problems

High performance filters for high pressure jetting machine

  • Three stage filters
  • 1μ standard
  • 304 stainless steel casting cover bear high pressure
  • The whole of the cover made by laser welding

Smart fluid end conversion for high pressure jetting machine

  • Pump head conversion can change from lower pressure to it’s max pressure within 2 mins
  • The whole of the fluid end body is made in USA
  • All of the HP kits made in USA

Max strongest chassis for high pressure jetting machine guarantee long lifespan

  • Double independent frame system ,diesel and pump mounted on a separate plate
  • Design specially for surface treatment ,easy to transport and hoist
  • The plate has tool box can keep some tools and accessories easy and safe
  • Galvanized processing to meet the long term anti-corrosion requirement

Hydraulic reel collection system without compromise as option

  • Torsion accessory can improve the working environment and increase the working efficiency and extend the lifetime of the high pressure tube
  • All of the high pressure tube /line made in Sweden or USA , combining the hydraulic system it can collect the long soft tube in a good situation
  • And maximize the lifetime of the tube ,especially for the sewer and drain cleaning which need long length tube

Application industry for high pressure jetting machine

At present ,water blasting equipment are widely use for sewer and drain cleaning to get away of the blockage. Jetting rust and paint removal in the industry of ship hull and hydro demolition to keep the steel frame then make the new concrete without getting the micro crack .

It is more popular in the building industry like bridge widen ,besides ,road marking removal ,it also can be used for rubber removal in the airport …

De-coating of a wide variety of materials and surfaces

High pressure water jetting technology from Watex form the ideal basis for gentle de-coating of a wide variety of substrates. Many years of experience in all areas of high pressure technology flow into the design of suitable tools and the correct interaction of water pressure, quantity and working angle ensure perfect results.

De-coring for highest quality requirements for the casting parts

De-coring products ensures maximum cleanliness and quality. Remove residues thoroughly, even on parts that are difficult to access.

De-rusting to protect against rust formation

De-rusting with high pressure water is a process used whenever components and metal workpieces need to be protected against rust formation.

Descaling to remove impurities from iron oxide

The descaling of steel has a decisive influence on the quality of the end product. It is therefore of enormous importance to control the process reliably and reproducibly .

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