Hydrodemolition robot machine Hydrodemolition robot machine

Hydrodemolition robot machine

Hydrodemolition robot machine is a concrete removal equipment use hydro demolition robot with hydro blasting machine to remove deteriorated cement and sound concrete . This process provides an excellent bonding surface for repair material and new coating applications.

Watex offers a wide range hydro demolition machine , different water jetting equipment for concrete removal and surface preparation for road recovery , bridge internal or deteriorate cement removal without creating internal micro crack with pristine water and not bring any airborne pollution by suppress the dust by water . In the meanwhile ,not result in any fatal respiratory disease

Hydrodemolition machine is a concrete removal equipment which utilizes high pressure hydro demolition robot with water blasting system to remove deteriorated cement and unsound concrete that need to remove urgently. Hydro demolition process provides an excellent bonding surface for repair surface of the road and bridge and engaged the new concrete with the old one combining with each other more strong like integrated unit .

Hydrodemolition equipment is not used as much for demolition as it is for surface restoration and protection projects specially for deteriorate concrete removal . This hydro demolition robot of concrete has become widely accepted for cement removal and surface preparation throughout road and bridge repairing and maintenance .

Safety should be take care as the first thing before use the hydro demolition robot. Like the safety cover for the high pressure hose connect with the jetting head. And the high pressure hose fit with the high pressure pump . All of those fitting should be use the safety cover to fix.

Many features of hydrodemolition robot machine

When concrete has deteriorated or the reinforcing steel has begun to corrode, it is necessary to remove any unsound concrete and reinforcing bars replace it with new concrete and maintain the integrity of the structure.

Robotic hydro demolition equipment process has also been used to remove sound concrete that is not compromised . This may be done to install a preventive cathodic protection system, or to remove concrete in structures.

Hydro demolition robot equipment is robust, simple to operate & maintain & designed for longevity. Simple control panels are used throughout the product range avoiding the need for PLC systems, ensuring reliability & easy trouble shooting.

Safety for all aspects of during concrete removal . If you want to use the jetting lance to remove the cement. There is secondary burst shield with wire braids surround the supply hose to the jetting lance. 

All high pressure hoses are rated at 50,000 psi with a 2.5 safety factor for 2800 bar machine. And 2000 bar rating for 1500 bar pump during the hydro demolition process .

What is the pressure need for the hydro demolition robot ?

Sometimes , as the professional terms know what is the best pressure for the hydro demolition robot for the concrete removal. Lots of person know 40000 psi , but there is no need such high pressure .

Especially for the hard concrete which removal by the jetting lance . Then it is better prepare a hydrodemolition robot machine with a small flow rate which support one jetting gun .

In order to guarantee the high quality of our hydrodemolition quality . All of our high pressure plumbing components are rated at 60,000psi. When hydro demolition pump up to 40000 psi .  All tubing is safety shielded with interlocking stainless steel protection.

For the small part concrete removal , no need the hydrodemolition robot . Just operator hand the jetting gun to remove ,it is flexible and environmental . 

These lances with nozzles that rotate at 3000 rpm and are air-driven. Different barrel lengths are available for these strong constructed tools . All lances have dual triggers and the on/off valve is controlled by a single air operated valve.

Nozzle selections can be made from 2, 3,5,7 holes for pipe cleaning .The 2 and 4 jet nozzles are typically used for thick rubber linings and extremely tenacious coatings. 2- 4 holes rotate cleaning head is the most common and cleaning the surface. 5-7 holes rotate nozzle is used for pipe cleaning ; and the fan jet is used for sweeping and light removal. 

Many advantages of hydrodemolition robot machine

Hydrodemolition robot machine is not like jackhammers . It will not produce any vibrations throughout a structure and therefore does not introduce micro fractures. Full range of accessories, options of diesel engine trailer mounted to suit any specific requirements of high pressure pumps.

Hydro demolition robot machine is mainly used in the petrol-chemical, offshore and contracting industries and some in high sewer cleaning as well. Sometimes ,our clients purchased it for the bridge recovery ,it means remove the old concrete surface then make the new cement .

Till now ,it will be the green method for the concrete removal to instead of jackhammer . The most important ,it will not bring any airborne pollution . So more and more clients accept it .

Trailer mounted units are available with sound reduction enclosures, driven by a choice of diesel engines or motors for use in safe or hazardous areas.

All fabrications are grit blasted and high quality powder coated for a durable finish. For offshore applications fully certified and containers are available with paint finishes to customer specification.

High capacity water filters and stainless steel suction line fittings are used as standard boost pumps fitted for higher pressure applications. Shutdown switches are fitted where necessary to monitor various pump and prime mover functions.

Hydrodemolition robot machine specifications:

Watex offers a wide range hydro demolition robot machine , positive displacement plunger pumps and different water jetting equipment . Surface preparation including concrete removal , rust ,epoxy cleaning ,ship hull repairing chemical industry that other method is not allowed .

Hydrodemolition robot machine has a triplex plunger or five plungers design that uses ceramic or carbide plungers and is direct coupled to the diesel engine using a vibration dampening coupling.

High pressure end of the pump has three removable heads. Plungers are lubricated by filtered inlet water with no external lubrication.

The control system of the hydrodemolition equipment has monitors and shutdowns controlled by relay logic controls. It also has a remote control system .

The controller monitors all safety features of the pump including low inlet water pressure. With low oil pressure, and oil temperature level.

A pressure control system allows the operating pressure to be adjustable from zero to 40,000 psi.  The pressure is controlled by an external pneumatic valve that allows up to three hand tools to be controlled simultaneously from the pump. It also can be controlled by the remote system .

This pump has over pressure protection. We use safety valve to control the pump when the pressure take over it’s maximum pressure we set .

The over pressure valve that can be reset if pump pressure exceeds it’s max pressure we designed . All other accessories of our hydrodemolition equipment made according to CE standard and meet USA ASME standard.

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