Runway rubber removal Runway rubber removal

Runway rubber removal

After many times takeoff and landings, the wheels leave rubber and skid on the runway surface after the plan land on the airport. After many times landing, the rubber will accumulate on the surface of airport.

Airport runways always are the bustling arteries that connect the world. It facilitates the seamless movement of aircraft. However, these critical surfaces become painted by rubber deposits from landing airplane . The importance of rubber removal on airport runways cannot be eliminated. As it directly influences the safety and efficiency of airline travel.

After many times takeoff and landings, the wheels leave rubber and skid on the runway surface after the plan land on the airport. After many times landing, the rubber will accumulate on the surface of airport. According to research by government entities including NASA, the FAA , runway rubber removal from the surface will be safe for the airplane. Otherwise will lead to hydroplaning and poor braking performance.

Airfield runway rubber cleaning machine is not only one of the most advanced but the most productive rubber and paint airport marking removal systems is one of the hydro blasting industry.

The most significant reason to be concerned about is the landing safety. The buildup of rubber deposits on runway affects the level of friction. As a reduction in braking and ground handling performance. This can lead to incidents happen such as runway overrun or result in aircraft sliding off the runway.

Every airport has a high requirement and specification relating to friction values for runway surface. Some individual airports also incorporated runway rubber removal into their common airport maintenance .

Till now, hydro jetting is the fastest, most environmentally safe and cleanest method to remove rubber from your airport’s runway. Not only these deposits will be effectively removed but it can identify weak concrete, and provide a new rejuvenated surface.

No chemical for airport runway rubber removal

It is not suggested to use aggressive chemicals and detergents for rubber deposits removing. Because it actually can lead to runway internal structural breakdown. There is no any chemicals are used in our water jetting system. Besides, our water jet unit does not use rotating brushes so the surface of the asphalt or concrete will not be damaged.

Removing rubber from runways is a high maintenance expense at most airports. As such, facility leader is continually debating the relative merits of outsourcing the job or investing in machine to handle the ongoing task.

Previously, the airport always hired outside contractor to remove rubber from its runways and perform friction tests. Frequent equipment working failures and associated schedule delays were main drawbacks to working with an outside service company. So lots of airport considering purchasing the runway rubber removal vehicle from us .

Training is also the important factor that most of purchaser need to consider; Our integrated design will lower the maintenance. Firstly , we use German Uraca pump with working 40000 psi.

Whatever the clients from , they have their office in you countries. So you can purchase the spare parts in you local side. Besides , all of hydraulic parts are purchased from German Rexroth. The water tank and debris collection system are made in 304 stainless steel , just keep common cleaning will be easy.

The Importance of effective rubber removal for airplane safety

Carbonized rubber deposits on airport runway create a significant safety risk by reducing surface friction. Which can lead to hazardous incidents happen for aircraft during takeoff and landing. As a leading provider of airfield runway rubber removal.

Watex’s commitment to high performance in runway rubber removal. Most of rubber removal work is performed at night, lighting was another important selection criterion. All of our vehicles are equipped with light for our system working in nigh.

Even if you choose Watex’s equipment for your runway rubber removal and pavement cleaning maintenance services, you can expect the following:

  • An outstanding safe working record with high experience
  • Environmentally cleaning method without toxic materials
  • Providing professional service ensures that your runways are clean but also safer and compliant with all relevant regulations.
  • Undamaged and consistently cleaned surface
  • Significantly safer runway for takeoff and landing due to increased friction

Watex stands out as the premier cleaning solution for rubber removal on airport. Our specialized water jetting unit and vehicle and experienced staff ensure that runways are thoroughly cleaned and maintain with the highest level of safety and compliance.

Waterblasting as the advanced airport runway rubber removal techniques

High pressure water blaster is proven as the ultimate solution for effective runway rubber removal for airport. Our water blasting vehicle is capable of clearing up to 30,000 square feet of rubber per hour. Equipped with rear-view cameras, monitors, and auxiliary lights, our cleaning vehicle ensure optimal safety in any environmental condition.

Airport runways always are the bustling arteries that connect the world. It facilitates the seamless movement of aircraft. However, these critical surfaces become painted by rubber deposits from landing airplane . The importance of rubber removal on airport runways cannot be eliminated. As it directly influences the safety and efficiency of airline travel.

Rubber deposits accumulate on airport runways decrease the friction during aircraft landings. As aircraft touch down, tires heat up and leave behind thin layers of rubber. Over time, accumulate in some layers and reduce the friction coefficient of the runway surface. This buildup will get several challenges.

Reduced friction in a short time, rubber deposits diminish the natural friction of the runway. Increasing the risk of skid during landing and takeoff.

Impaired Drainage: Runways are designed to efficiently drain water during rain or snow. Over time, rubber buildup can affect this drainage, leading to hazardous conditions and potential hydroplaning.

Decreasing visibility, rubber deposits can also affect runway markings and lead to difficult to see for pilots.

Which method as the best solution for airfield rubber removal

Buildup of rubber from tires on airport runway is a major safety hazard as it decreases friction which could lead to airplane run off or skidding. There are several ways to remove the rubber buildup from airport runways.

After many methods test in lots airports. One of the advanced methods should utilize high pressure water to achieve rubber removal and cleaning. Water jetting is effective in removing stubborn rubber deposits while minimizing damage to the concrete or asphalt.

In the dynamic world of aviation, maintaining the airport runways is important for ensuring the safety and efficiency of air travel. As new technology continues to advance, the aviation industry will witness the more innovative and sustainable solutions to keep runway clear and safe for the countless takeoffs and landings.

Rubber buildup on runway decreases the friction between the tires and the runway surface. Add stopping distances and diminishing braking performance. Removing rubber layers enhances the safety of aircraft operations.

Regular rubber removal prevents runway surface damage or breakdown, reducing long term maintenance costs. By preventing damage to the surface, removing rubber helps extend the runway’s lifespan.

Many advantages of runway rubber removal

Improving airport running efficiency

Removing rubber improves airport efficiency by reducing delay caused by reduced braking performance and decrease stopping distance. These services help airlines and airports working on schedule and reduce the possibility of flight cancellation.

Environmental benefits

High pressure water blasting can be environmentally and friendly. It use minimal water and produce minimal waste and all of the cleaning debris can be collected into the container . So, this method can help airports to reduce their environmental impact and promote sustainable

Deep cleaning for airport

According to local conditions can tailor deep cleaning, maintenance road surface

Equipped with ultra-high pressure water jet unit, independent engine drive, achieving 0~40000 psi adjustment. You can choose suitable cleaning pressure according to different thickness of rubber layer.

Quick recovery, instant cleaning, no waiting

Adopt high negative pressure super-clean recovery system, no spatter, no residue.

After cleaning, the road surface is close to dry. Which does not affect the takeoff and landing of the aircraft and the use of the runway.

Intelligent control, safe and efficient

One button start intelligent control system, fast achieve cleaning during driving and operation the machine at the same time.

Equipped with safety valve assembled on the pump unit and pressure valve simultaneously. Over-pressure relief valve, electronic control pressure limiting four sets of safety protection measures to ensure safe and reliable operation.

Main parameters of airport runway rubber removal vehicle

  • Engine power 316KW-415KW
  • Many Chassis Truck Brand   : MAN or BENZ
  • Emission standard State VI
  • Total mass     31000KG-38000KG
  • Wheelbase     1400+1700+1500 mm
  • Auxiliary Engine Brand : Volve
  • Engine power:       268KW- 315kw
  • High Pressure Pump: Max working pressure : 40000 psi
  • Filter       Four-stages filtration
  • Rubber removal cleaning width       1800mm
  • Cleaning efficiency       3000~5000 m2 /h
  • Recovery Unit Blower type : No need extra recovery system
  • Clean water tank capacity   10 m³- 12 m³
  • Deposit and mixing water storage capacity : 10 m³- 12 m³
  • Sustainable operating time: 5 hours
  • Vehicle Size   145000×2500×4000 mm
  • Control system: PLC and touch screen
  • Walking speed control stepless speed regulation, operation speed can be adjusted at any time
  • Safety protection system : Safety cover for the high pressure hose which fixed with the pump, mechanical protection with three pressure valves.
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