Road marking removal equipment Road marking removal equipment

Road marking removal equipment

Date:2024-4-14 Author:water blaster

UHP Water Jetting road marking removal equipment for removing pavement or road line. UHP water jetting works faster and more thoroughly without dust or pavement damage. Pavement marking removal equipment also use new technology like water blasting to obliterate the surface .

Road markings are designed for the long run, but sometimes they need to be removed. When a traffic situation changes or a parking is redesigned. Special tools and techniques enable to remove stripes and pavement markings efficiently.

Removing existing road striping or pavement markings is a real difficulty. The markings must be efficiently removed without causing damage to the road surface.

Sometimes the marking are even harder than the underlying asphalt. So water jetting equipment for road marking removal will be the best way will not cause any dust. Now pavement marking removal equipment prefer to water blasting .

Advantages of water blasting road line marking removal equipment

  • Completely removes markings, coatings and runway rubber
  • No abrasives to damage concrete or asphalt
  • Saves time and labor
  • Creates a stronger bond for repainting
  • Eliminates dust and debris with vacuum system
  • Cleans deep into runway grooves

The complete road marking removal equipment from all surfaces has never been as quick, clean and cost-efficient. And perhaps best of all, very little to no confusing mark left behind. No resurfacing, and no secondary clean-up or drying necessary.

Thermoplastic, waterborne paints, epoxy paints. Rubberized paints and permanent foil backed or waffle tapes do not stand a chance against the 40,600 psi (2800 bar)

What need to know about road marking removal equipment ?

An essential requirement of road markings is that they are highly durable. However, this can present a problem when the time comes to remove them.

There are various reasons for cleaning road marking. From general and natural wear and tear to changes in the layout of roads or even incorrect layout in the original instance.

Whatever the reason for removing it is a demanding task as thermoplastic paint is used to apply water jetting and cannot be washed away. Moreover the materials used in asphalt are very porous, allowing road paint to penetrate the surface pores. Reason enough with road marking removal equipment.

Water jetting pavement and zebra crossing cleaning machine

Zebra crossing cleaning machine uses pure water at high pressure to remove pavement markings . It is the new technology for the road pavement marking removal . It is environmental and lower cost .

That means that the surface will be completely intact after water jetting . Unlike milling, which can damage the surface over time, water blasting will not affect the texture of the surface

Zebra crossing cleaning machine with high pressure water jetting. Water jetting is one of the road line removal techniques used across the world . It can remove road lines from the surface with no damage to the substrate just with ultra high pressure water blasting from 15000 psi – 29000 psi.

In the same time. It simultaneously vacuums the slurry and mixing material with water back up which is filtered and then recycled where it may be used again for surfacing solutions. It is a highly efficient and environmentally friendly way of road line removal machine till now .

Zebra crossing and road marking removal equipment via high pressure water blasting is the preferred method for many major projects and infrastructure projects. It is quick, efficient and environmentally friendly as it uses no chemicals during the working .

As government and person becomes more aware about safety and environmental in the working place. Hydro blasting can be a safer alternative to grinding in heavily populated areas as it does not create dust in the process of road pavement removing zebra crossing .

Cleaning the zebra crossing and road marking without a trace

The arm of the road marking removal and zebra crossing cleaning is to eradicate the old markings without damaging the road itself. If line markings are not completely removed, traces still remain and confuse the driver and cause accidents potentially .

If you plan to looking for a good way to remove the paint from surface like road or pavement or zebra crossing. Watex UHP water jetting machine can be the best option .

Hydro jetting machine can remove markings, coatings and runway rubber build-up. Creates a stronger bond and surface for concrete bottom. Eliminates dust and debris with optional vacuum recovery.

Except above advantages and application. Watex road marking removal equipment is the ideal option for using on airport runways rubber removal.

Safety and environmental advantages with hydro blasting for zebra crossing cleaning

  • Minimal surface impact with water jetting ,it is suitable for all types of road surfacing material cleaning. Just changing the pressure and the pump then can eradicate the old road marking or zebra crossing .
  • Environmentally friendly thanks to the hydro jetting has no harsh chemicals used. High pressure water to obliterate the surface of the pavement to remove the road marking .
  • Wasting water can be collected. And filter again which contained in the tank cleaned can be recycled to remove the contamination.
  • No harmful gas or chemicals released into environment during the process and hydro jetting also limit noise pollution.
  • Reducing dust pollution due to use pressure water to remove. Harmful dust like silica is trapped by the water which can be filtered and used again .
  • No abrasives mixing to damage concrete or asphalt for the road
  • Saves time and labor cost

Road marking or zebra crossing are designed to be permanent . Due to boundaries or direction change and it is necessary to remove the also thermoplastic paint or the substrate below the markings may require resurfacing, then water blasting can be the best option .

Water Jetting road marking removal and zebra crossing cleaning

As you know, trying to remove road marking or zebra crossing from the road without the proper equipment can be very difficult. Even if you have the tool you still need to have experience in providing an effective result. Road marking is designed to be a permanent feature on the road and made by thermoplastic, so they can’t be washed away easy.

Water blasting is able to remove many types of road markings made by different material and in different color. Our water jetting machine can be easy to remove . This means we can meet customer requirements and accommodate every need.

If you airport runway or road marking suffering from flush or bleeding asphalt. Hydro jetting will offer an economic method to increasing the service life of your pavement and get the desired surface texture.

Water blasting through a series of nozzles assembled in the control panel for pavement marking removal equipment, to remove excessive bitumen from the pavement surface. Road marking removal equipment is able to adjust pressures, nozzle sizes and numbers of the orifices.

Road pavement marking removal machine incorporates a vacuum unit to collecting waste and debris. Which is integral to the removal process. The vacuumed debris is deposited into a holding tank on the rear of the plant, for disposal at an approved site.

Hydro blasting zebra crossing pavement and road marking removal equipment

As an integral part of building and roadway renovation, it is inevitably involves removing previous line markings. Which found on roads, airport runway or parking areas can be cleaned effectively with water blast machine. Those applications are widely accepted as the most effective mode of treatment for line removal.

In the industry of line marking, line removal is a crucial working during the whole of line marking application. Our water jetting system are good at removing any and all surface markings.

Airport runway rubber removal and road marking removal equipment with hydro jetting. Watex combining the benefits of a mobile vehicle with blasting pale aligned with many nozzles. And vacuum system .Liquid mixing material and solid debris recovery occur immediately, simultaneous with the water blasting .

Water jetting is an efficient .cost effective. And friendly way to remove all types of pavement markings and prepare surfaces for pavement marking . High pressure water blasting is perfect for removing the buildup of rubber marking for the airport. Curing compounds on the airport like landing strip , taxiway , parking garage.

There are two ways to remove the road marking

Highway and runway markings must be removed and repainted regularly. And runways face the additional problem of rubber build-up every time an airplane lands.

Grinding it away can damage the pavement. And sandblasting generates a lot of dust, pavement marking removal water blasting will be the best option .

One is through the operator uses the ultra high pressure cleaning tools controlled by one operator. Then where the place need to clean with road marking removal equipment

Anther is complete automatically model . One operator drive the truck which including the whole of the road marking removal machine, like ultra high pressure water blasting machine. Vacuum collecting system , ultra high pressure water jetting panel with 14 pieces orifices .

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