Robot water jet cutting Robot water jet cutting

Robot water jet cutting

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Watex robot water jet cutting machine are used to cut, drill, and clean a variety of materials. The robotic end-of-arm-tooling directs the high pressure stream or jet of water. Waterjet robots are commonly used in several industries including aerospace, automotive, electronics, food, textile and packaging industries. 

Robotic waterjet cutting machine consists of industrial robot and high pressure waterjet pump . The 6 or more axis of robot arm carries a pure water jet cutting head to cut 3D parts via CNC programming.

  • A complete robotic water jet cutting machine system consists of 3 major parts:
  • High pressure waterjet cutter pump, 400 Mpa (60 k psi).
  • 6-axis robot with software from famous brand
  • Stainless steel cutting table with vacuum suction

Robotic water jet cutter is mainly used to cut internal parts like carpet of automobile . And top interior of the car to cut holes, or trim the edges. Another common application of robotic water jet cutter is to cut helmet, or similar 3D products.

And the max size of the cutting material (ie the radious of arm and weight the arm can carry) is selected. Depends on the size of parts that are needed to cut. The model of robot can be chosen according to clients.

Principle of robotic water jet cutting machine with pure water

The principle of robot water jet cutting equipment consists in projecting water at a very high speed: 700 to 950 mm /second for precision cutting . i.e. 2 to 3 times the cutting speed can be changed . The clean water, via an UHP pump, from 2,000 to 4,000 bars is then directed to an accumulator and propelled through a nozzle with a diameter of 0.10 to 0.33mm.

Such pure water robot waterjet cutting process is used on thin soft materials:

  • Plastic
  • Carpet
  • Foam
  • Soundproofing material
  • Rubber
  • Composite material
  • Combination of textile and NFPP

Abrasive robot water jet cutter

The principle of abrasive robotic water cutting by the cutting head loaded with abrasive mixing with high pressure water at high speed on the working piece to be cut.

The water is compressed from 3000 to 4000 bar and used abrasive supply system which propel the abrasive via the tube to the cutting head . The abrasive robot waterjet will cut the hardest materials without thermal stress during the cutting .

Many Robot brands are available for water jet cutting

Watex sells new and reconditioned water jet robots from manufacturers such as: Motoman, FANUC and ABB. With our extensive inventory. We can optimize the robotic water jet cutting system according to you applications that will provide an immediate return on your investment.

Each robot is customized to meet the customer’s needs and all of the reconditioned robots have undergone a very rigorous refurbishment process.

We provide the best robot water jet cutting in customer service and give added benefits to our robotic systems. Such as the Watex Value Package.

Whatever material you are cutting, including the soft material or hard material like granite countertop or automotive parts. Watex robotic engineer will help our clients fulfill a completely automated waterjet cutting machine to exceed the high standard cutting for your requirement .

Safety is our number one priority

Each system is equipped with a variety of safety features (such as light curtains or scanners) . It designed to separate the operator from the trimming area, which results in a safer and more ergonomic operating environment.

Watex industrial robot water jet cutting technology specializes in robotic cutting . And trimming applications and related flexible material removal, material handling and parts cleaning. Our robotics manufacturing applications utilize multiple processes that are requirements based to fit your specific production and environmental needs. 

We’ve developed a range of robotic cutting technologies through many years of experience that put us above all other robotic integrators.

Some examples of our custom tech:

Watepro – for converting, trimming, and milling paths generated in CAD/CAM software into complete 6-axis robot programs.

TrimPro – a custom DRS software package that eliminates the complexity of programming intricate shapes and paths

Accucut – for detecting part location using IR sensors and automatically adjusting the robot cutting path

Watex robot water jet cutting work cells are flexible cost effective solutions for cutting complex shapes on 2 or 3D surfaces using for cutting, routing, trimming or compliant knife tooling .

With high speed and precision, without additional finishing steps. Watex automatically programs smooth error-free tool motion. And transitions, exploiting your cutting technology parameters to cut accurate shapes and true arcs, and flexible control of external axes.

One stop customized design

Whatever the material loading and unloading, movement, cutting operations or from the design of the entire production line. Watex has a high experienced knowledge for robot water jet cutting and can provide all of our clients with professional design solutions , eliminating the potential risk and trouble of different manufacturers in their own industries and making it more reliable.

In the meanwhile , we will design the most suitable orifice with the right diameter and required flow rate according to the cutting material and thickness. And we realize that the supply scheme of one pump with multi-head.

Such pump should be have a big flow rate which can support many cutting heads. It solved the previous supply mode of one pump with one cutting head. Then we can achieve less investment and more energy saving to get our best cutting efficiency .

More features of our robot water jet cutting machine

Robotic waterjet cutting machine equipped with a variable oil pump and a intelligent variable high pressure system consisting of four important bodies. Rexroth hydraulic pump combining with SIEMENS main motor pay the main role during this work.

Where you use our machine , you can get their service in you local side . Besides, our intelligent variable pressure system intelligently adjusts the oil volume based on pressure requirement. It ensure high cutting efficiency, stable oil temperature control and more energy-saving.

CNC servo motor drive, which can meet the cutting of any shape and curve in the plane and space. Whether cutting sheets or pipes, the error is within a millimeter, and the accuracy is precise.

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