UHP water blasting equipment UHP water blasting equipment

UHP water blasting equipment

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UHP water blasting equipment is simply the practice of using highly pressurized water to remove a coating and surface preparation. Ultra high pressure water blasting equipment can be used safely for a wide range of applications. It includes: coating removal/surface preparation .

Sometimes this is achieved by pure water or blasting glass. Grit or another abrasive material at high pressures onto a surface. Apart from being an environmental friendly blasting method, ultra high pressure hydroblasting equipment have an excellent cleaning results.

Watex offering various adaptor , the equipment can be fitted to enable pipe cleaning. Tube bundle cleaning, concrete cutting and internal tank cleaning on or offshore

Watex is committed to delivering safe, high quality pump and sustainable solutions to clients. Till now UHP blasting method is considered to be the most efficient with low impact on the environment due to it just use cool water to remove the coating not like other methods using laser or chemical procedure .

UHP water blasting equipment is quickly becoming the preferred method of surface preparation

UHP water blasting machine is quickly becoming the preferred method of surface preparation on offshore gas platforms .

When operating conditions are really tough and extreme. Ultra High Pressure water blasters are the best solution, whether the application is offshore or onshore.

Ultra High Pressure water blasting equipment is the preferred method on projects where large amounts of abrasives must be collected and disposed.

Robotic UHP Blasting are the new tech for paint removal for the tank , ship . underwater cleaning also the new tech are being accepted by lots of ship companies .

This new cleaning tool can remove coatings at a typical rate of 72 m2/h at a power of 39,000psi at 45L/min. Our equipment removes all the waste product directly from the surface into a waste skip with no mess below the work area.

As you know there are many advantages of UHP tech. one of the important advantage that UHP blasting will not use other media as the hard material mixing with water to clean. so it is pure green cleaning technology .  

Sand blasting creates lots of environmental problems and health issues for the operator . Sand blasting creates a cloud of dust covering everything in the vicinity of working area . Considering personal health and safety issues of breathing in sand dust. whilst the operator and there team need breathing apparatus, so it is very complicate working before sand blasting .

UHP water blasting equipment provide a cleaner surface to coat, resulting to longer lasting coating.

UHP water blasting machine is accepted that surface been blasted with high pressure water blaster have a significantly lower level of residual chlorides.

Watex also abolishes the possibility of media contamination that can potentially reduce the profits. Such as grit contamination of turbines, compressors and deck equipment, sensitive and equipment with bearings.

Watex UHP water blasting equipment is a viable alternative to sandblasting . It boasts huge advantages such as: no clean-up costs, no dust and is environmentally friendly, being key in today’s market.

When it comes to speed, it has been already mentioned that, the total project time is reduced.  Watex ultra high pressure water blasting machine operates at such high pressure that leads to increased productivity.

Watex ultra high pressure water jet unit can operate at pressures up to 2800 bar .You can tell us you cleaning requirement then our experienced engine will advise the best solution for your project varies from surface cleaning ,pipe cleaning and sewer cleaning as well .

Ultra High Pressure Water Blasting

UHP water blasting is the modern, friendly way of preparing a surface for coatings application. UHP Water blasting provides the cost effective solution for surface preparation in every industry sector.

Operating at pressure from 2,500 bar to 2,800 bar. Watex UHP hydro blasting equipment enable you to remove any coating through the ultra high pressure water. It taking the substrate always then move to its original profile .It is not like “traditional” surface preparation methods, The main feature of UHP water jetting ensures the surface without any contamination.

UHP water jetting equipment also have some factors need to consider before buy. the diesel engines emissions standard. The pumps operate between 12-38 L/min. You do not worry about the contamination from dust. and none of the cleanup and disposal costs for the used abrasive.

To ensure you achieve the desired outcome of water blasting. It need highly skilled operatives can take care of everything before hydro jetting and safety issue .

UHP Hydro Blasting technology widely used lots of industry including surface preparation for painting company ….

The key to success in any de-coating project is efficient surface preparation. To ensure you achieve the desired outcome at this key stage. Our team of highly skilled operatives can advise on the best solution specific to your project and goal

UHP water blasting equipment is a preferred methods of executing industrial surface preparation for metals . And other hard surface structure due to its high rate of productivity and limited impact on the environment and surface .

UHP water blasting technology employs high velocity pump at pressures up to 40,000 PSI . To remove away old paint and other industrial coatings for repainting . This way of surface preparation is perfect for today’s strict federal environmental standards.

  • Advanced marine preservation
  • More effective surface preparation than other cleaning methods .
  • Automated and robotic cleaning panel eliminating scaffolding
  • Highly efficient and productive surface preparation without stopping
  • Results in a better cleaning surface increasing the hardness and performance for the new coating .
  • UHP water blasting applications
  • Ship hull and marine corrosion cleaning with robot blasting system
  • Exterior chemical storage tank
  • Industrial Pipeline for oil and gas industry
  • Bridge metal structure surface cleaning
  • Factory and Equipment surface preparation
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