Ultra high pressure water blaster Ultra high pressure water blaster

Ultra high pressure water blaster

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Ultra high pressure water blaster for sale in the world is extremely useful tool, removing stubborn dirt and grime. Including vessel internal cleaning , ship hull industry use it’s technology more than 20 years. In the contemporary world , more and more clients prefer to water blaster as their cleaning method instead of chemical cleaning .

The cleaning properties of water under pressure can be seen from a simple garden hose where. When the nozzle aperture is narrowed, the water is expelled in a thinner, more forceful jet.

High pressure water blasting works in a similar fashion except that water is pressured through a pump to increase power.

High pressure water blaster are normally connected to a water supply .And the water passes through a pump to be expelled at pressure through a cleaning lance which removes the unwanted deposits from the surface.

The cleaning lance has a trigger which controls the flow of water and flow rate as well and enables the operator to direct the water blaster. There are different types of high pressure cleaner to suit various applications.

Ultra high pressure water blaster used with a turbo lance is a very effective method of old paint removal .With such high pressure water blasting system ,it can achieve any cleaning solution according to client requirement.

Types of ultra high pressure water blaster

Over many years so the ultra high pressure washer has evolved into a range of models suitable for many cleaning requirements .

The cold pure water pressure washer is used where surface cleaning only is needed. Such as exterior washing down and hard surface cleaning.

This type of UHP pressure washer is available from a middle size up to a static wall mounted water blaster.

where there is a regular clean up requirement with ultra high pressure water blaster. Ultra high pressure washer is also available in portable or static forms .Ultra high pressure jetting machine can be part of a bespoke system where a systematic and regular clean up is required.
Watex pressure washer can be plumbed in and the controls can be set which removes any concerns about possible error or abuse.

Advantages of ultra high pressure water blaster

Eliminate the use of chemicals and their disposal

  • Save time for deoiling and descaling
  • Deep cleaning without abrasive
  • Many substances can be removed by UHP water blasting:
  • Mastic
  • Rubber
  • Leveling compounds
  • Paint and thermoplastic
  • Epoxies

Why you consider ultra high pressure water blaster ?

  • Ideal cleaning solution for indoor or outdoor projects
  • Surfaces dry immediately with no other way to deal with
  • Vacuum recovery system collects liquid and debris during coating
  • water blaster machine will not damage insider layer

High pressure water blaster is a powerful tool used for maintain the wall or the machine and the tank or the ship hull . High pressure blasting machine and processes replace many of the manual cleaning methods of old. 

High pressure water blaster use a high-velocity stream of water to blast substance. Such as residue that blocked inside pipes or vessels. The term “high pressure water blast” refers to a high pressure water blaster for sale in European countries or USA is capable of generating a pressure of 40000 psi . This includes high pressure washing systems used at lower pressures and high volume.

The term “water blaster” typically refers to a cleaning system not capable of generating at least 20000 psi. Such systems can be found in lots of chemical industry.

Ultra high pressure water blaster for pipe cleaning

When cleaning pipe or small tube provide open access with different cleaning head for different diameter pipe cleaning .

Where pipe road consist of many welded-in elbows and corners, consider replacing them with spool sections to improve access and reduce the time required for cleaning.

So, remove vessel components and clean them at a designated wash pad location. When planning high pressure water jetting activities at your site, meeting with project team to review each task. Identify opportunities to maximize efficiency and safety by providing good access to process equipment.

Benefits of Ultra high pressure water blaster

  • Safety in the working place during cleaning. It is environmentally with no dust or emissions approved for use in explosion proof areas.
  • Economical method for removing coating , it reduces maintenance, labor cost , hazardous waste stream & disposal Costs.
  • Versatile with the water blaster.  It offers unlimited applications for wide range of Industries surfaces
  • Powerful for cleaning different surface . Ideal cold cleaning for the airline to remove the paint .
  • Efficient with high pressure hydro blaster .

UHP water blaster system cleaning  capabilities

UHP water blasting is extremely adaptable to different substrates including steel, fiberglass and concrete for a myriad of purposes including:

  • Surface Preparation before painting
  • Grease, Oil and residue removal
  • Paint, old coating, corrosion and contaminant removal
  • Industrial coating, elastomeric and urethane removal
  • Rust, scale, chloride removal
  • Ship, vessel, aircraft,
  • Interior and exterior tank cleaning
  • Graffiti, tire marks
  • Roadway line removal with water blasting
  • Salt, Barnacle, alga ,oyster, marine growth, hull and bottom paint removal
  • Industrial and machinery cleaning and general maintenance

Which industries can benefit from ultra high pressure water blaster

  • Aerospace, automotive
  • Marine industry
  • Municipal for power & oil supplier
  • Plastic, rubber, pulp and paper industry
  • Metallurgy, tanks, ships and vessels
  • Manufacturing, mills and refineries
  • Highway, bridge, railroad and airport
  • Cement and Painting
  • Chemical, pharmaceutical

How Watex can support you business  ?

If you purchased the Ultra high pressure hydro blaster , what service can you do ? Assumed you purchased ultra-high pressure pumps to 2,800 bar or middle pressure with flow big flow rate .

  • Fully automated inside and outside heat exchanger bundle cleaning .
  • Long tube cleaning for chemical industry
  • High pressure water jetting surface for floors and grating
  • High pressure water blasting surface preparation for inspection of welding or casting
  • High pressure water automated cleaning system for reactors and tanks
  • Drain and sewer cleaning systems with high pressure water jetting ,we also called sewer jetting .
  • High pressure water blaster is commonly used in the process industries for the penetration and removal of heavy deposits in process equipment.

High pressure hydro blaster includes automated internal and outside cleaners cleaning tools , automated pipeline and heat exchanger cleaners, automated 3D tank cleaning heads.

With the use of high pressure blasting processes comes the risk of exposing workers to hazards with potential to cause serious injury. So ,some protection methods should execute in advance.

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