Ultra high pressure water blasting equipment Ultra high pressure water blasting equipment

Ultra high pressure water blasting equipment

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Ultra high pressure water blasting equipment is more sophisticated than simply using brute force to clean. This is a highly versatile cleaning solution.

As well as adjusting the pressure, it can change the pressure and flow rate through the pressure valve for different material cleaning .

This versatility makes it possible to remove deposits of almost any substance . Including paint, oil and dangerous chemicals – without causing any damage to the underlying surface.

Ultra high pressure water blaster is usually preferable to other cleaning methods because there are so few side-effects.

Firstly, this process doesn’t cause vibrations for the buidling and concrete and keep the rebar in good situation .So it can be used to clean buildings without any risk of damaging the fabric of the structure.

Furthermore it doesn’t create dust, so there are no health risks for passers-by. 

Applicaltion of ultra high pressure water blasting equipment

There are a variety of ways in which paint and other coatings can be removed from a surface, including burning.

However there is no safer or environmentally friendly way to remove paint compare with ultra high pressure water blasting .

It’s just use ultra high pressure steam without sand to a water jetting machine, allowing it to be used to blasting a wall, or to use the machine to remove graffiti from walls and old paint .

UHP water blasting machine is the utilization of pressured water to remove a coating or paint from a substrate. This can also be finished by sand blasting.

Pure water is used as cleaning medium for UHP water blast. It depends on the material of the surfaces that have to be cleaned, you can achieve the cleaning results by varying the parameter of the machine as the performance and flow rate of pump. And the types of the nozzles.

Sometimes, sand blasting for some applications they may be sensible rather hydro blasting consider the small part of the paint removal. But generally, the use of pure water as cleaning medium offers an extra advantages and benefits – friendliness and environmental and do not need add extra cleaning medium ..

Airfield rubber removal and runway maintenance with ultra high pressure water blaster

 Airfield runways require a certain amount of friction to prevent planes from skidding on landing or take-off.Over time a variety of debris can build up, reducing this friction with ultra high pressure water blasting machine.

Regular maintenance using ultra high pressure water blasting can remove this without damage to the runway’s surface .Re-establish the appropriate level of friction. Ultra high pressure water blasting equipment for graffiti removal as well .

Road marking removal with ultra high pressure water jetting

Road markings traditionally need to be burned off which is a time consuming process and high labor and time costing .

UHP blasting machine can remove corrosion, epoxy paint, paint coating concrete .The max working pressure up to 40,000 PSI with many different accessories .UHP jetting machine can be fitted to enable pipe cleaning, tube bundle washing, concrete removal from the steel frame and internal tank cleaning .

Normal high pressure cleaner is being used for removing dirt from surfaces : dirty from floors, walls or vehicles. While , for very hard material cleaning ,you can use ultra high pressure water blasting equipment to separate materials from each other.

Besides , the process produces dangerous smoke and fumes which are damaging to the environment.

Ultra high pressure water blasting equipment can be used to remove various types of road markings. It is in a fast, safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly manner.

Pipe, Heat exchanger & Industrial Tank Cleaning with ultra high pressure water jetting

Ultra high pressure water jetting is the ideal process for cleaning a range of industrial materials including pipes. Tube bundles and heat exchanger and industrial tanks and vessels. Although there are other methods available, water blasting offers a superior clean.

Adopting hydaulic techniques, materials are cleaned to the highest standards without the need for use of chemical. Making it the most environmentally friendly method available with ultra high pressure water jetting equipment.

Ultra high pressure water blasting equipment is becoming the preferred method of surface preparation on offshore. Gas platforms and petrochemical plant. Watex made a high quality machine with CE and ATEX standard for different industries .

Water blasting with a high cleaning performance of up to approx. 1,000bar is called ultra high pressure water jetting. This new technology are popular since 2005. more and more companies like this and use such cleaning method for their plant cleaning .

Environmentally Friendly of ultra high pressure water blasting machine

As previously mentioned, ultra high pressure water Jetting does not require any addition of cleaning chemicals.

In addition, ultra high pressure water blasting equipment includes a vacuum system which collects all of the water and sediment created. As a by-product of the cleaning process. 

This means that there is very little chance of contamination. Making water Jetting the optimal choice where the environment is of prime consideration.

Ultra High Pressure water blasting equipment can be used for a wide range of applications. paint removal and surface preparation, rust removal and pipe cleaning .

Watex cleaning solution has many types of water jetting units that are intrinsically safe for use in hazardous areas. All units are stable and working pressure range from 15000 psi to 40000 psi for surface cleaning. And are capable of pressure and flow changes to suit all types of maintenance.

Typical applications with ultra high pressure water blasting equipment

  • Vessel cleaning with UHP water blasting
  • Deck cleaning with UHP water blaster
  • Tube bundle cleaning with UHP water blaster
  • Pipe cleaning with sewer jetting
  • Surface coating removal with ultra high pressure water blasting
  • UHP water blasting machine as an alternative for wet or dry blasting.

Ultra high pressure water blasting equipment is a powerful tool to help maintain the efficiency, production. And used in various arrangements. UHP water blasting use a high velocity stream of water to blast through materials.

The term “UHP jetting” refers to a high pressure jetting system capable of generating a pressure at least 20000 psi. There are two levels of high pressure jetting, based on the water pressure used

High pressure water jetting –5,000 to 15,000 psi

Ultra high pressure jetting – greater than 20,000 psi-40,000 psi

The term “UHP water blasting” typically refers to a normal pressure washer not capable of generating at least 7,000 psi. Such high pressure cleaner can be found at a car wash or surface cleaning for the home.

Ultra high pressure water blasting equipment for pipe cleaning

Pipe system consist of many welded elbows and corners. consider replacing them with new sections to improve access and reduce the time . While , uhp water blasting machine can remove the sediment which block the pipe . Then save the cost .

Understanding the basic principles of high pressure water blasting machine will help you to save lots of cost.

Pressure and flow rate are the two main factors for the hydro blasting

The pressure created by the UHP water blasting is a function of the water flow and the size of the discharge nozzle with high pressure hose. It is important to consider the relationship of pressure and flow when you want to finish some cleaning requirement. Besides , we also need to consider the safety before use the water blaster .

High energy generated by ultra high pressure water blasting exceeds the bonding energy of coatings and rust or paint. So it is the perfect solution for cleaning, surface preparation and make the new painting .

What are the main advantages of water blaster over sand blasting?

Firstly, UHP water blaster is particularly suited to projects in the power. electricity plant and gas and oil industry, which commonly involve blasting around machinery with many moving parts. So UHP water jetting as an alternative to sand blasting we can decrease the general environmental impact through deducting airborne dust and noise.

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