Water blasting concrete Water blasting concrete

Water blasting concrete

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Water blasting concrete we always use ultra high pressure jetting cement with 1,800bar operating pressure can meet you requirement to remove the cement .

Buildings that are exposed to much wear and/or environmental pollution, underground garages, bridges, sport stadiums and dams are concerned. 

If concrete starts to crumble, the basic structure of the building can be endangered in consequence of that. Renovation becomes absolutely necessary in order to save the building. High pressure water blasting cement . You must remove the crumbly construction material from the sound one. 

For that purpose water jetting  is the ideal method. it is also possible to remove concrete with a drill hammer, but this method has big disadvantages. the use of a drill hammer causes vibrations in the building.

Reinforcements of water jetting cement

After being exposed by a drill hammer, must be sandblasted in order to remove rust from the rebar. Complicated as well as intensive work process is not necessary.

Because concrete removal and rust removal can be done in one step without any other means. last but not least drill hammers cause much more noise and disturb often inhabitants and neighbors. 

Primary aim of any water blasting concrete is to remove the damaged areas. Without damaging the surrounding material or steel reinforcements.

In contrast to a pneumatic hammer, whose force application goes deep into the joint and is transferred far into the building.

Water blasting solutions are very local and targeted on the position to be treated. This means that hardly any structure-borne sound is transferred to the construction and the formation of stress cracks is avoided. High-pressure water jetting can be used for a wide range of concrete applications. 

At high pressure with a lower flow, water can actually remove coatings without damaging the sound concrete below.  Add an abrasive to the jet and water can completely cut through a concrete slab with rebar inside.

Advantages of water blasting cement

  • Works quickly
  • Does not damage sound concrete
  • Low dust levels
  • Can be automated

Reinforced concrete is a particular problem as the steel reinforcement corrodes with time. Water blasting concrete can be seen from cracks or spalling of the cement, renovation is unavoidable for conserving the static load capability of the structure.

water jetting concrete ,we always use ultra high pressure water jetting cement with 1,800bar . Operating pressure can meet you requirement to remove the concrete . Cause here is the carbonation of the concrete, a chemical reaction in which the effect of water and air lowers the pH of the concrete to 10 or less. 

This loss of the protecting alkali surrounding makes reinforcement corrosion possible, causing serious damage to the reinforced concrete.

In this, the steel reinforcement in the area affected is exposed so that targeted restoration of the corrosion protection can be made.

Two methods of hydro blasting for concrete removal

Hydro jetting method removes these paints or water blasting concrete with one of two different categories: erosion or de-lamination.

Erosion is commonly applied mostly on the high performance coatings namely. Metal and carbide thermal spray coatings and a special nozzle is operating to convert the water stream into smaller pressurized stream. Which affect the surface of the coating and thus small pieces of the coating to erode off the surface, leaving the substrate intact like hydro jetting for concrete .

Hydro jetting machine for concrete removal need accessories as following :

  • Water jet pump to pressurize the water.
  • Nozzle to deliver the correct stream of water .
  • Enclosure to contain process.
  • Rotate nozzle and part manipulators.
  • Waste handling equipment.
  • Process control devices
  • High pressure hose and related safety accessories

Hydro jetting uses high pressure water to get rid of clogs and flush away debris. Clearing your plumbing and drain cleaning. Water blasting pump with a high pressure hose with a special nozzle is fed into your sewer pipe to eradicate blockage.

First the water is pumped from small boost pump. Then pumped into the UHP water jetting system through the hose and nozzle up to achieve the cleaning. Whether the blockage caused by grease. hydro jetting for roots, sludge, hydro jet machine scours the entire inside of the pipe and leaves it looks like new.

Doe you think water blasting concrete and win it’s price for cleaning the pipe or surface ?

Hydro jetting service not cheap . But it’s the most beneficial solution for plumbing cleaning or sewer line cleaning till now. It is certainly worth you considering about high pressure water jetting .

If you were in charge of commercial or municipal cleaning such as restaurants. apartment. Shopping malls, school that have severe clogged. In that case ,it is definitely get a professional company to solve out the sewer drain system with a regular preventative maintenance.

Eradicate buildup, minimize clogs, and extend the life of your plumbing; Hydro jetting become one parts of a regular maintenance .Sometimes , concrete parts or stone are the main reason result in the blockage of the pipe or tube .

Definition of hydro blasting for different pressure

Hydro jetting method has a number of advantages over competing conventional processes used to remove coatings.

Usually the coatings or concrete removed with ultra high pressure blasting were applied either by the use of chemicals . Or other conventional mechanical means such as grit blasting , mechanical tooling, hammering, scraping or machining.

Definitions and suitable water pressures range with water blasting :

  • Definition                 Pressure (Bar)
  • Low pressure water cleaning     < 100
  • High pressure water cleaning   100 – 1000
  • High pressure hydro blasting   1000 – 2000
  • Ultra high pressure water blasting > 2000
  • Relation water pressure, effect of cleaning and production rates.

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