Water blasting paint removal Water blasting paint removal

Water blasting paint removal

Date:2024-6-2 Author:water blaster

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No matter what heavy industry you are in, high pressure water jetting or water blasting is an efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly part of any industrial plant or industrial equipment cleaning toolkit. Water blasting paint removal for tank ,vessel , boat , giant ship is become more and more popular .

For example ,hydro blasting for paint removal ,rust and pavement marking cleaning is very popular . Ship hull and boat paint removal , hydro blasting robot with our hydroblasting machine can be the best term for ship owner repairing and normal maintenance .

It has many applications, including surface preparation and cleaning, pipe and tank cleaning, pathways and roads. Concrete Demolition in no-fire zones, cold cutting of steel work, and scale, paint and rust removal.

Water blasting for paint removal with minimal environmental effects

As part of our commitment to providing high quality water blasting for all of the industries that are safe fast, efficient and effective .With zero or minimal environmental effects.

We ensure Watex’s employees are highly trained and experienced with extensive knowledge in high-pressure hydro blasting paint removal across a variety of industries, big and small.

In the oil and gas industry ,there is a high requirement for the surface cleaning ,like cutting , cleaning and connection. If something easy to ignited will bring a serious problem , so as the purchaser always like purchased the stable machine with some certifications which meet the standard like ISO 9001 , Atex ,Z3 . In that case only water blasting paint removal can the best option for such giant work . Watex as the professional supplier , we make the machine according to the internal standard and every details should be take care before delivery ,we will test them more than 3 days . After everything go smooth ,then we can delivery the satisfied machine to our client .

The pressure of water blasting for paint removal

Ultra high water pressure varies from 100 and 2800 bars. Water blasting paint removal for tank and ship is a new tech in lots of industries . High-pressure water jetting is an extremely effective cleaning method. We operate mobile high-pressure water jetting systems . It is meaning that we can use this cleaning method at any location where there is adequate access place.

Our innovation here is that we can treat and clean the waste water on location using a special water treatment system .This avoids high costs for removing and processing the contaminated water as most of the waste is removed by the machine.

Area of application of water blasting for paint removal :

  • Removing road markings.
  • Removing coatings from steel bridge decks
  • Pre-treating/cleaning tank bottoms
  • Internally cleaning pipes
  • Water blasting for rust corrosion removal

Watex has access to the largest high & ultra-high pressure water cleaners available , ranging in horsepower from 70 to 1000 HP. We also utilize state-of-the-art cleaning attachments, including spinning nozzles, rotary multi-jet head pipe cleaning attachments . Tank cleaning heads,water blasting for paint removal , floor cleaners and automatic internal and external exchangers tube bundle cleaners.

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