Water blasting rust removal Water blasting rust removal

Water blasting rust removal

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Water blasting rust removal or pressure jetting is the use of high-pressure water to remove loose paint, rust, casting parts mould , grime, dust, mud and dirt from surfaces and objects such as buildings, vehicles and concrete surfaces.

Water blasting rust is a technique for cleaning internal and external surfaces of the metal parts . Which relies entirely on the sheer force of water from a pressurized source to achieve the desired cleaning effect on the metal surface. Abrasives, toxic and potentially harmful chemicals are not used in water blast cleaning systems.

How to remove corrosion effectively and without causing further corrosion and environmental problem is a touch question. Watex as experienced pressure washer manufacture can do it. Industry high pressure cleaner called hydro jetting for rust removal can tackle corrosion and remove the rust from metal surface easy with water only .

Why water blasting rust removal ?

A highly pressurized and focused stream of water, generally above 21,000 psi. It comes from a water blasting unit, which includes a pressure pump and the right nozzles and high pressure tube.

This cleaning method may also require enclosures to protect the adjacent areas or structures from unwanted water spray. As well as a collector or catcher of the blasted-off waste or the metal without rust.

Water blasting rust removal is also as the best way for rust removal machine. It is being used in a growing number of applications previously dominated by abrasive blasting techniques,specially for metal industries .

Watex is professional manufacturing blasting systems comprising of plunger pumps complete with drive and safety. required for various applications of cleaning. 

The complete unit is a compact mobile unit with easy maneuverability in difficult terrains as well as on smooth surfaces. 

Water blasting rust removal is available in different designs and with a number of features, which make these machines versatile in nature and find applications in different industries. 

Principle of water blasting rust removal

Water blasting unit are designed on the basis of using water at pressure for cleaning of tough surfaces. Plunger pump is used to deliver water at high pressure through specially designed nozzles to meet the cleaning requirements.

The flow of water is regulated through regulator valves to meet different flow and pressure requirements with single machine.

Water blasting rust removal can be cleaned easy with the water up to 21000 psi. The high pressure water with enough flow rate can deal with the rust easy .

Mostly ,rust comes from the presence of water touch with steel then react. This is always bring oxidation and corrosion. Rust break the surface material of metal causing obviously damage over time.

Rust is a financial and safety issue for metal sheet trader and manufacture and steel structure building. For the above purpose, water jetting is necessary and adopted long time .

How to clean corrosion and rust removal from metal with water blasting

Hydro jetting rust removal use high pressure water to wash or clean the rust or corrosion from the surface of the metal are exposed to a substance. As you know ,some types of metal are more prone to corrosion when exposed to the air and water .

Some application like some vessel made by metal need to prevent rust ,the biggest threat is that metal used for tanks ,pipe, boiler and building structure for some big project like bridge ,and some municipal projects .

These vessel or structure are prone to corrosion over time. Due to they always exposed to the outside. This will lead to the safety problem and structural degradation. That is why hydro blasting is necessary .

Does corrosion and rust are dangerous ?Surely for most of industries .

If your machine or metal sheet material are beginning to corrode, it can be extremely costly and dangerous if not deal with them. Corrosion and rust weaken the efficiency of metal. This can lead to holes or structural failures

The danger from the tank or ship vessel can be severe if the structural integrity was affected by the rust without urgently eliminated .

Corrosion and rust also affecting the material passing through the pipe and the material stocked in the tank. Substance like liquid will be contaminated by coming into contact with corrosion or rust .

While, rust or corrosion can not be kept permanent. Additionally, metal with rust do not need to be replaced urgently .The most effective method to restore corroded metals is by water jetting . If you were finding the best solution to remove corrosion and restore metal, water blasting rust removal will be the good tool .

Water jetting remove corrosion or rust leaving no mess . No compound material is left on the surface that could lead to rust. Water blasting effectively prepares surface before repainting .

Removing corrosion and rust with hydro jetting

Corrosion or hard build-up rust are quite difficult to remove. It is very tough and stick to the internal substance .However, high pressure water makes this serious task incredibly easy. That is the reason pressure washer is becoming the most popular choice for industrial cleaning .

High pressure water jetting is one of the best solution for corrosion and rust removal. Watex’ water blasting machine removes corrosion effectively without causing any damage and environmental issue.

Corrosion can be very hard to be removed due to it being so tough and not integrated. However, pressure washer makes the task of corrosion removal easy and efficient. Water is often underrated as a tool. If high pressure water jetting is new to you.

You might ask a question how effective water is without chemicals or solvents added. However, water jetting is becoming more and more popular as option for industrial cleaning. There is little material that water cannot clean or remove. and we would argue that water blasting is the best rust removal method for metal surface and other metal parts .

It is necessary to prevent corrosion

Maintaining metal structural integrity and cleaning is critical to guarantee the efficiency of the equipment and running well, and it is necessary to prevent the rust regularly . When it refer to prevent future corrosion. Hydro blasting machine will be one of you option for you choose .Due to it just use water to clean the

Metal sheet or part that are prone to get rust when they exposed to a wet environmental place . When it exposed to the water or other atmosphere substance can begin to corrode easy.

Now days, metal is the important part of the everybody’s life ,from house to machine, it is widely used in many industries like chemical ,gas and oil industry and real estate in the form of tanks, pipes, and other big equipment, much of these machines or structure are at risk of corrosion and rust over time without painting .

Corrosion of substance and machine can be costly for company or private if not dealt with.

Corrosion not only affects the surface of metal, but affects the substances that come into contact with the metal. In some factories and application. This has the potential damage to the surface. And the whole of the machine then result in whole of the plant in the stopping situation .

There are some methods to remove the rust. The traditional way of removing rust from steel is known as shot blasting or sand blasting . However, this can cause lots environmental problems and corrosion will occur again. due to the use of sand and salts involved in this method. Particularly if the surface need to repaint again ,that why we should consider hydro blasting machine .

When you worker attempt to remove corrosion and rust. The last thing you worry about is corrosion will come again in the future and any environmental problems. Which is why sand blasting is not an efficient method for the rust removal.

However,using high pressure water blasting is an extremely efficient method for removing corrosion without break the internal substance of the metal.

It is like the hydro demolition only remove the cement from the steel structure. It is only remove the corrosion and rust from the steel.

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