Water Jet cleaning equipment Water Jet cleaning equipment

Water Jet cleaning equipment

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High efficient water jet cleaning equipment through ultra high pressure pure water jetting can achieve lots of industries cleaning for different materials. It is the efficient, environmentally friendly and gentle high pressure water jet process is used to clean or remove residues.

The washing technique uses water and high pressure for applications such as de-varnishing, container cleaning or concrete refurbishment.

Surface cleaning for example, road marking removal. And airfield rubber removal to improve the friction for when the airline touch to the ground .

Water jet cleaning machine process not only used for surface cleaning. Also be used for sewer cleaning to remove deposits for sewer maintenance in case the blockage of the pipe system for the drainage .

Applications of the water jet cleaning equipment

There are hardly any limits to the possible uses of Water Jet Cleaning machine. Sometimes ,it also can be used for rough cutting like concrete cutting and cleaning .

Hydroblasting can be used for pressure washing on streets, pavements marking removal or on walls for degumming .

Chewing gum removal, graffiti removal, facade renovation, restoration of historic buildings. Or road marking removal , rubber of the runway removal in the airport .

Also, the rust removal, painting stripping and descaling of workpieces of various kinds is possible . In a word ,lots of industry can be achieved by Watex water jet cleaning equipment .

Further application of water jet cleaning equipment

Further areas of application are tank wagon cleaning .

Construction machine system cleaning like cement jetting or concrete blasting. The pressure mostly will take over 1380 bar. And the flow rate will take over 100 l/m .Then can achieve the perfect cleaning result .

Sewer washing with water jet cleaning equipment . Watex always produce the low pressure machine with about 200 bar but with the flow rate more than 400L/min for big sewer jetting . We always call this is the sewer jetting machine or sewer jetter .

Some important industries that rely on the cleaning process includes the metal industry. It only depend on the ultra high pressure machine for dephosphorization and deburring in the casting metal parts .

The most industry like the craft trades, municipalities, shipyards. Also need the water jet cleaning machine for old paint removal and make the new painting .

Ultra high pressure water jet cleaning equipment also widely be used in the oil . And gas industry to remove the deposit of the oil tank and descaling the old paint. Using the ultra high pressure cleaner also used in the forestry for fire fighting and aviation industry.

Principle of water jet cleaning machine

Water jet cleaning machine is designed on the basis of UHP water jet pump which using pure water for cleaning surface to remove hard material. Water jet cleaning equipment is used to transfer water at high pressure through high pressure hose to the end of the nozzle to clean the internal or external surface.

During the sewer cleaning , there are many ways. But water jet cleaning machine has the capacity to be used for hardened deposits removal, including the tree root cleaning. Like  internally cement with hard sharp , artificial obstacles in all of the pipe system .

Water jet cleaning machine is called by some professional high pressure machine manufactures. Sometimes ,we say water blast machine or water blaster . The main difference is that the different pressure for cleaning different materials. But it is widely used for hard material cleaning

Water jet cleaning equipment is being used to remove loose paint, casting parts need to remove the redundant parts. Besides , it can be used for rust surfaces and objects such as equipment surface. Vehicles and concrete surfaces to supply maintenance. Different types of machines with varies pressure hose with related accessories are available for different application.

Different type of nozzles for the water jet cleaning machine

Some nozzles can create a water jetting that is in a fan sharp. another accompany with rotate cleaning head can remove the rust or paint in a quick speed . Such rotate cleaning head equipped with four pieces of nozzles with 0.5 mm diameter. It can power a higher flow rate with the press strength to blast the separated layer like rust and paint.

Most rotate cleaning head attach directly to one end of the trigger gun. There are different diameter with different pressure for any cleaning requirement .

Water jet cleaning equipment can service throughout all of the power or resource industries

  • Ship hull industry for maintenance
  • Oil and gas tanks, chemical vessels, and components
  • Heat exchanger and evaporate bundle tube cleaning to remove ash
  • Power generation plant powered by electrical model
  • Surface preparation like rust removal and protective coating cleaning

Water jet cleaning system and vacuum trucks are considered to be the safest and most reliable source of excavation. It can deal with lots of smelly block material full of the sewer. After water jet cleaning machine jetting the drain. Then put the vacuum system into the sewer ,then the truck can deal with the debris automatically .

Extra application of water jet cleaning machine. Water jet cleaning machines are not only used for cleaning works. There are many other usages where a water jetting can prove to be very useful. With the help of water blasting, the risks related to the job can be lessened.

Water jet cleaning equipment can also be used for deal with road lines. And irrigation for the oil to maximize the explore the oil from the bottom of the oil filed .

How does water jet cleaning machine work?

Water jet cleaning machine is a equipment that combines high pressure water blaster with high pressure hose with different types of accessories to achieve different cleaning requirement. This process blasting through the contaminant to remove the upper layer like rust and paint or dust. It also widely used for road marking and airport rubber removal with vacuum recovery system to achieve the disposal of the debris and water after cleaning .

During the collection process, water jet cleaning equipment requires a vacuum source to prepare all of contaminant. It always assembled on the cleaning panel. This vacuum system helps in the faster clearance of debris.

High pressure water jetting provides you with a one stop solution for all your sewer and drain cleaning issues. It combining with super cleaning head with big flow rate which can cut roof. And slit the block even the cement into small parts to get the best cleaning solution.

Surface cleaning with water jet cleaning machine

Widely different surfaces and materials must be cleaned regularly so that continuous processes and safety are ensured during operation.

Reliable cleaning under extreme conditions,because of size and materials used for decoating and de-rusting. The widest variety of methods and devices have been used up to now for these – requiring considerable investment and logistics.

The water jet cleaning method is winning through increasingly as the only process to fulfill all these tasks using a single technology. The well-proven Watex plunger pumps and a complete range of devices and tools specially developed for the highest pressures are available for this process.

Sieve and filter cleaning with waterjet cleaning machine

The functional capability of strainers and filters depends essentially on the state of their surfaces. They must therefore be constantly cleaned.

Water jet cleaning leverages a high-pressure hose with a specialized nozzle on the end. The hose is connected to a machine that pressurizes water, directing it through jets on the nozzle head to thoroughly clean and clear out the pipe.

Heat exchanger cleaning with waterjet cleaning machine

Stubborn deposits often form in heat exchanger. Clean surfaces are the basis here for efficient production processes.

Tank cleaning

Quick and thorough cleaning of tanks is necessary to disturb the production process as little as possible.

Water jet cleaning machine is super highly efficient for surface cleaning and pipe washing and coordinate with robot arm can achieve 3D cleaning. In order to attain perfect cleaning, we can also use special equipment .The manually operated high-pressure water jet cleaning is used in situations where the use of the automated process is not feasible or not economical.

Pipe cleaning with waterjet cleaning machine

Water jet cleaning machine also have the feature of water jetting machine can be used for sewer and drain cleaning. Which can solve lots of block issues which other machine can not achieve. Due to this water blaster can clean the place that hard to clean with normal tool .

You can use waterjet cleaning machine to unclog your drain. … The front-firing jets use the high pressure water to break up clogs in the drain. The back-firing jets propel the hose in the drain and scrub the sides of the pipes.
Pipes have important functions everywhere in industry. To fulfill these functions, their flow continuity must be ensured.

Cleaning and maintenance offshore

A large variety of materials must be cleaned, remove rust and paint and cut under the most extreme conditions and in a very confined space.

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