Water Jet paint removal Water Jet paint removal

Water Jet paint removal

Date:2024-6-7 Author:water blaster

Water jet paint removal offer an effective and environmentally friendly solution here using pressure of up to 3,000 bar. Watex removes paints, coatings and rust using nothing more than high-pressure water, leaving no residue behind .

Paint is used in all kinds of settings, providing a decorative and protective covering for vehicles, walls, floors and machinery. But what happens when you need to remove paint from a particular surface?

With this special equipment at your disposal. High pressure blasting tools can let you do way more than you could by hand. Paint removal at any given point in time, is no joke. It requires persistence and effort, elbow-grease and hours of labor, no doubt about it.

Now, paint removal using pressure washer and sand blaster is reliable, affordable and within your easy reach. We source and supply solutions and answers to any paint removal challenge.

Water jetting equipment is also able remove built-up layers of paint or protective varnish

Water jet paint removal has experience with all types of water jet processes and specializes in ultra high pressure water jet stripping.

We’ll even remove extremely hard substances such as epoxy resins prior to your machines or surfaces being repainted.

The water jet stripping process removes these coatings with one of two different mechanisms: erosion or delamination.

Water jet paint removal also being used for airline maintenance

Water jet paint removal and recoating are the very important process in airplane maintenance. The traditional technology is to use the chemical way corroding the paint with paint remover.

For changing the defects, corrosion & pollution & manual working, of the traditional technology. The physical process which removes the paint of airplane with 2500 bar . The paint layer of airplane is very thin and close.

In order to solve the contradiction, the best working condition must be reached through tests.The paint removal efficiency with ultra-high pressure and move speed of not damaged to the surface.

The physical paint removal technology will be applied in airplane maintenance, and will face the safety detection of application permission.

Water jet paint removal with up to 3,000 bar high pressure water

Treatment with water at high pressure enables high performance in a short time and lets surfaces look like new.

The substrate is optimally prepared at the same time. Completely without chemicals. Completely without blasting material.

Surface cleaning and renovation in one step and with minimum disposal costs. Conventional sand blasting methods for cleaning ship hulls are very contaminant-laden and environmentally harmful.

For environmental reasons and due to the high disposal costs of contaminated blasting material. Sand blasting is replaced by ultrahigh-pressure jet technology.

High pressure water jetting produces only very low impact forces. Layers are removed selectively, without attacking the base material. Damage to structures is also eliminated, just as are blasting material residues.

In contrast to this, sandblasting leaves residues on the treated surface that are not visible to the naked eye. which gives rise to faulty coating.

Water jet paint removal without chemical or abrasive

Neither gases nor slags are produced no chemical or abrasive additives are used in the application. Which means that the quantity of material to be disposed of is reduced to a minimum.

The result is convincing in all cases: high cleaning quality.High effectiveness even in difficult to reach areas, high cleaning quality.

Water jet except remove paint also tool for algae and shells removal. Watex high pressure water jetting technologies can do much more than just cleaning ships.

What high pressure blasting can do for ships applies also to buoys, cans and beacons. As with ships, the fast and effective removal of algae, barnacles and other problematical deposits. And maintenance of navigation aids and construction plants.

High pressure systems from Watex are available for the highly varied application areas. These systems achieve high cleaning and surface performances..

High Pressure Water Jetting for Paint Removal

Paint remover, varnish remover, harsh solvents and chemicals are not always appropriate as they can be too corrosive on certain surfaces. Watex water jetting machine will not cause any the environmental and health hazards they pose.

Using Watex hydro jetting machine, we can avoid these risks altogether. Many of our projects can be completed without using chemicals. Watex are able to use pure water to remove the paint from walls, vehicles, floors etc.

You engineer can use water jet paint removal to their optimum advantage. Water jetting paint and stripping away unwanted substances whilst preserving the surface being cleaned.

Our professional paint removal services are time and cost-efficient, reducing any downtime for your business. We also invest in high-quality, quiet equipment that will minimize disruption.

Safe, Effective, Smart Coating Removal

Water jet paint removal solutions remove coatings with ease. Waterjet induces a shearing force onto the coating being stripped that is higher than the strength limit of the material. This in turn allows for efficient and safe removal of all types of materials.

Watex – a highly reliable hydro jetting paint removal manufacture . We supply extremely efficient cleaning system with several jet options to ensure the right tool is available for your part.

From removal of soft and hard deposits including thermal barrier coatings. Adhesives, rubbers, and more, Watex stripping solutions remove tough coatings, fast.

Paint Removal using a pressure washer and heavy special equipment. Can prove to be highly effective and lucrative, cost-effective and a time-and-money saver.

It is applicable and appropriate for a variety of tasks and projects in and around your house, business, property and structures. Pressure washers will save you time and money, particularly on large projects and remodeling of scale. Whether you are doing deck, wall or other painted surface, paint removal, priming and cleaning will never be easier.

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