Water Jetting equipment Water Jetting equipment

Water Jetting equipment

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Water jetting equipment for sale in the market is a dust free technique allowing simultaneous. Such as lagging and painting to continue, minimizes the waste stream. It reduces cleaning time and improve cleaning efficiency when used in surface preparation .

We design and build water jetting equipment pump and system for sale. It supply spares and accessories. and offer lifetime service support . From major construction and civil engineering projects to the removal of product contamination in chemical plants, vessels and reactors.

For the decommissioning and decontamination of nuclear installations and the surface preparation of ships’ hulls. The water jet machine operation is proficient at exposing the original profile without further erosion. And guarantees the highest level of cleanliness of all surface preparation .

The application of high pressure water jetting machine continues to grow. Which is why design and innovation is so important to us. With a range of standard pumps and equipment, along with the ability to produce bespoke systems to suit specific applications. We supply all of industrial water jetting equipment requirements.

Benefits of water jetting equipment

High efficiency plunger sealing system, oil cooled and pressurized pump gear end. The use of the latest engineering technology to enable robust design .

Low weight construction techniques to ensure market-leading performance, energy efficiency, and low lifetime ownership costs.

Safety, reliability, value for money and ease of maintenance of the high pressure water blasting equipment .

High pressure water jetting machine not like normal power washer or high pressure cleaner only 200-300 bar. This machine can working the pressure from 2,000 psi to 55,000 psi offering many advantages when it comes to cleaning with water .

Reliable with water jetting equipment

Reliability and ease of maintenance have been designed into all of our pump system. Design, coupled with improved component selection and monitoring has been fundamental in the reliability of our water blasting equipment.

At the heart of our units is the reciprocating plunger pump. This pump range is respected throughout many industries for its quality and reliability.

Cost Effective Of Water Blasting Equipment

Unique sealing system gives unrivalled service life and uptime advantages over traditional packing seal technology.

Over many thousands of hours, so scheduled repairs and maintenance are all that is necessary . Rather than the frequent ad hoc packing seal changes required by other pumps.

Watex offer a full range of high pressure waterjetting equipment and accessories including waterblast jetting guns. Multi-gun valves, 3D cleaning heads, nozzles, internal tube and external bundle blasting systems, and protective clothing.

Watex has as many pump units to choose  for different material cleaning .Not only the pipe but the surface cleaning to clean lots of things like paint rust and mining cleaning as well .

There are many reasons contractors and industry specify Watex water jetting equipment for sale.

More advantages of water jetting equipment

  • High efficiency with consistent performance
  • Low running cost
  • Fast, easy maintenance with lower cost
  • Advanced engineering and long-life materials
  • Rebuildable after 20,000 hours

Water jetting equipment can be just use pure water to achieve the cleaning chemicals or other surface at an operating pressure. From 15000 psi or 20000 psi to 40000 psi to clean the material that includes an engine, water blaster pump, water storage tank , nozzle and other accessories.

Water jetting equipment also known as hydro jetting. It is water jet that forces highly compressed water out of a small hole, which causes restriction and produces a high pressure water stream. This water stream is so powerful it will cut and cleaning grease. ice and even concrete, So it is an effective tool and widely used in many industries.

Tools for water jetting machine

Professional tools and accessories are necessary for water jetting equipment . Watex ultra high pressure water jetting tools and machine rated up to 40 000 psi for a wide variety of water jetting applications.

Watex is committed to supply the high pressure water jetting machine and some related accessories according to the cleaning requirement. As you know choose the right tool for the job can ensure ease of use, efficiency and most importantly safety.

When hardened deposits are exist or for removal of flow obstacles. Internally projecting laterals, artificial obstacles or roots are not easy to remove . In these cases additional accessories or use more high pressure water jetting machine use must be used which can also be driven by the high pressure water jetting vehicles.

There are some accessories we suggest for pipe cleaning and surface preparation

  • Nozzles and Sapphire for different size of the nozzle .
  • Guns, high pressure gun with rotate cleaning head
  • Foot pedals
  • Lances with different length according to cleaning requirement
  • Hoses for surface and pipe cleaning
  • Flex lances for tube or pipe cleaning
  • Surface cleaners with different accessories for paint remover, road marking removal and high pressure floor cleaners and continuous water collection and recirculating systems as option for client to choose .

Water Jetting machine process

High pressure water jetting process is the universal process which need all of the machine and accessories can work. It is used in sewer cleaning or big drainage jetting for removing deposits within the scope of regular maintenance as well as for cleaning as a preparatory measure for sewer inspection or rehabilitation.

During the water jetting process, flushing water is pressurized by a high pressure pump through a hose with a cleaning nozzle at the end. The cleaning nozzle is equipped with holes into which are orifices inserts. which accelerate the fast flow rate of the water.

This cause a quick reaction force at the nozzle. In the first phase, force the water into hose and collecting force pressure into the nozzle to aim to the surface to clean. After the nozzle arrive in the target manhole, it is slowly pulled back in the second phase in the direction of flow.

The jetting of water leaving the cleaning nozzle increase the velocity of flow, loosen the deposits, whirl them up and convey them as a suspension towards them to the target manhole where they are usually vacuumed up by a extra pump truck .

There is small knowledge that the number and alignment of the orifices or holes inserts, as well as the target velocity of the cleaning nozzle depend on the type of fouling and the extend of the contamination.

Water jetting machine applied in high pressure cleaning is installed in vehicles

Water jetting is vital to the petrochemical and oil gas industry. It is used for cleaning and de-fouling for different diameter and types pipe or tubes .It including heat exchangers, process vessels, transport pipes , large diameter pipes.

Water jetting system also be used for surface preparation for structural maintenance and the process before painting . Without water jetting, it is fair to say, the petrochemical industry would like to a halt.

Water jetting unit bring excellent results and it is better for the environment than other alternative mechanical methods.

Water jetting equipment for marine and offshore industry

From cleaning marine and offshore constructions to preservation work on hulls. For every maritime project and most offshore job you will find the right machine and unit from Watex .

Washing with high pressure water jetting equipment for sale

Washing and preserving ship hulls, cleaning tanks and cargo spaces and pipe . Watex offers a solution for every challenge with high pressure water technology from 180 bar to 2800 bar.

Other application with hydro jetting machine

  • Removing dirt and fouling on or underwater cleaning for ship hulls
  • Cleaning cargo spaces, tanks ,vessel and removing deposits
  • Surface preparation and preservation of the ship hull
  • Some marine and offshore site activities generate lots of dust and contamination . Sometimes wet and mixing substances are also released. With the vacuum system ,you can extract, collect and dispose of these substances immediately so that they do not end up in the water, are blown into the air

Continuity and safety are two factors in marine and offshore environments

Choosing the right machine plays a major role in offshore cleaning and other special side cleaning . We are happy to provide you expert advise. Free of charge and without obligation.

In addition, you can always rely on us 24/7 and we take immediate action if any potential issues occur.

Safe operation for water jetting machine

You must be able to rely on proper water jet machine at dock and wharf. But least as important is knowing how to work safely with it. Watex will offers various safety training courses before and during the water blasting .

Our water jetting equipment are inherently safe through sound design. Quality component selection and good assembly techniques and procedures based on industry best practice. After side so much about water jetting equipment ,but what it is ?

Detailed cleaning application with water jetting machine

Industrial pipework cleaning

Water jet machine is an excellent solution for pipe clogging and debris build up within industrial pipework. High pressure water stream can remove rust, scale and other residues no need .

Hydro demolition

In one article of our website specially introduce the hydro demolition

Water jet machine can work from 15,000 psi -40000 psi , and the water stream that these emit is strong enough to cut through and remove concrete. This is called hydro demolition and can be preferred by construction to instead of the traditional methods like electrical hammer. And it is an extremely accurate way of removing stone or concrete without damaging any of the rest of the structure and sound rebar .

Tank cleaning

Industrial tanks are very expensive and if they were not cleaned and maintained regularly this can result in them needing to be replaced with cost. High pressure water jetting is a practical and lower cost to guarantee your tank lasts for longer.

All of our water jet machine is multi-functional and capable of pressure and flow changes via a build change according to cleaning requirement.

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