Water jetting machine Water jetting machine

Water jetting machine

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The purpose of water jetting machine for sale in the market is using ultra high pressure water without containing suspended solids or particulates. Water pumps handle ground water, potable and salt water.

High pressure water jetting machine is widely used in ship hull like sea growth and rust paint cleaning applications. Gas and oil industries also use such tech for long time that other methods can not instead .

Water jetting machine using high pressure water pumps is used to direct high pressure water streams against material to clean or cut it. The streams of water released by water jetting equipment is normally from 220 bar to 2800 bar for cleaning .

In an efficient water jetting system, pressure is vital consideration. Typically, hardened deposits respond better with high pressure water pumps, and softer materials are best removed with lower flows.

UHP water jetting equipment is used for cleaning or demolition of products made of metal. Wood, concrete, stone, plastic, glass or other building materials.

High pressure water jetting system will clear any pipe from 10 mm to 1000 mm varies diameter for pipes over 1000 mm a large commercial water jetting equipment is required. When you have limited room to access the drain . Water jetting machine is perfect for this type of work as this machine is very flexible .

What is the water jetting machine ?

Water blasting system is the method to remove old paint, rust, rubber, chemicals. or other heavy build up without causing damage to the surface .This method is perfect for internal and external surfaces because the spray gun operator is able to access those “hard to reach” areas.

Also, because of its strong water spray, the user can keep a safe distance from the surface being cleaned. One of the major differences between high pressure water jet cleaning and other cleaning abrasives is the ability to contain, capture, filter and reuse the water.

This eliminates waste water and contaminants after the cleaning. Extremely hydro demolition used for concrete jetting. If your requirement is high pressure, high water volume and high temperature output machine. Then your answer is in heavy duty water blaster .

Due to the high removal and cleaning power. These hydro jetting machine pay for themselves after a very short period of time. High Pressure water blasting equipment is ideal for specialized service providers, construction companies, renovators and for industry.

Hydro jetting machine consists of bare pump, engine and starter, pressure regulating valve, safety valve and pressure gauge. Other accessories include suction hose, delivery hose, foot valve/gun, nozzles, rigid lance and flexible lance.
Advantages: Reduction of plant downtime, labor saving, plant protection, water conservation, no need of chemicals and non hazardous.

Many features of water jetting machine

  • As powerful as enough flow rate can remove any material in the sewer. Actual working pressure can be around 350 bar with big flow rate 1000 L/min .
  • High pressure hose with nylon braid provides significant weight reduction and increased flexibility and all without reducing strength.
  • All of the accessories we will choose according to you cleaning requirement.There is no need to purchase expensive hose reels.
  • Easy to operate: All of our water jetting equipment on the market can fits through small truck. If you worry about the size too big , we also suggest trailer as option for the big type .
  • Quality and reliability  : Triplex pump with corrosion-resistant, forged carbide head. Gear reducer allows pump to run at slower speed. It reduce the number of fittings, hoses and parts minimizes leaks and downtime .

It is common on building sites for the drains to be filled with cement and some debris. Now high pressure hydro jetting machine is the best option to remove this type of material from the drain.

The hydro jetting machine uses the high pressure hose to send into the drain. Due to this type of working , you are able to access the pipe through small access points of the sewer. And the high pressure water jetting machine has the special cleaning head .

Which can push the get out all the silt and dirt. Using special heads is necessary. The dirt and silt can be dragged out of the drain and bring the pipe back to look like new.

Water jetting for drain cleaning

When it comes to drain cleaning ,all of them will consider use water jetting machine to clean. It is right we invest in the suitable machine on the market for removal the blockage . The high pressure hydro jetting machine is the latest technology in drain cleaning industry. The water jetter machine has replaced the traditional tool to clean the drainage. It is cost effective and can remove the root in the sewer quickly .

Due to the restriction of the electric eel that we were coming up against more blocked drains that could not be cleared with the electric eel . And then need bring in a water jet unit to clear the drain.

Water jetting machine is amazing machine just boost pure water can remove any material and easy to deal with blockage easy. The high pressure water jetting unit will slowly cut and blast away what is ever in it’s way including the stubborn material.

Drain cleaning with high pressure water jetting also works great on lines that have a lot of grease . Oil and foods build up in the drain. most of those material from machine plant  or restaurant, residential. We can clean them away with our high pressure water jetting machine with trailer . So it can go any place you want .

There are many advantages comparing with traditional cleaning ways

Water jetting machine is faster to operate and clear blocked drains. Due to the continues length of hose that is sent insider of the drain. There is no other heavy machine and other metal cable to carry around. The water jetting equipment can clear blockages 200 meters downstream of the entry point.

As you know that electric eel tares at roots to remove it in the pipe . And it goes past this will always leave one parts of roots still in the pipe. The high pressure water blast machine can get the roots off with the high pressure water.

The water jetting machine nozzle will cut the roots back level with the pipe as well as removing any scaly build up. This give the sewer a longer time before the drain blocks again.

Most storm water will easy bring the blockage and they are full of leaves. Dirt and silt as well as tree roots. The electric eel is not designed to remove silt from the drain. It will only cut the roots due to the cleaning head has no capacity which can compare with water jetting machine . That is where the water jet is different and can achieve the cleaning blockage which other way can not instead .

Why water jetting equipment and how it work ?

Water jetting equipment is a machine designed to quickly clear drains . Or sewer driven by electrical motor or diesel engine with the high pressure pump to jetting with the pressure water at max 40000 psi to aim to the surface to clean .

The pressure of the water discharging through a series of small holes in the nozzle . That cuts through the tree roots at the pressure more than 6000 psi. If the pressure too high it can cut the metal sheet or parts in the drain. But will break the drain if the material is not made by metal. So getting the appropriate pressure before jetting will be safe and the best way to blast the drainage .

While , except drain cleaning . High pressure water jetting machine for sale in the market in a very competitive price from Watex . It can be use for roof vents. As you know there are lots of grease or dust inside of the roof vent.

Normal chemical can not clean them always and take lots of time .  But water jetting system can jet out your roof vent to descale the tube for better air flow through the pipe as well as the 90 degree elbow at the bottom of the roof vent . That can eliminate clogged with debris that can choke out the air flow .

Water jetting drain or sewer cleaning need maintenance

We are the professional water jetting machine manufacture and offer many different types of high pressure water jetting machine for sale. So we should know the maintenance before you purchase the machine ,after you finished the jetting .

We should clear the hose and collect them in the normal situation. Rather in the stuck situation in case we can easy get the cleaning head with the hose easy from the reel . And we also should inspect the cleaning head . If one of the orifice of the nozzle become big we should change them ,otherwise will affect the cleaning ability .

High pressure water is pressurized by the high pressure pump with through the nozzle . And the high pressure water will drives the nozzle and cleaning the drain pipe. As the water goes past the obstructions it will blast it backwards by the big flow rate. The debris and root or cement debris can be dragged from the pipe

Drain cleaning with high pressure water jetting machine for sale will cut those stubborn roots out of your pipes. Drains, storm drains and cement from the sewer easy. Some person will worry about the price . But water jetting machine price is a very small budget can maximize you cleaning requirement .

For sewer cleaning . We have many different type nozzles for choose that we can use on your mainline from your business to the street at the city tie in or to your septic tank.

Application for UHP water jetting machine :

Water jetting equipment has all its power at the nozzle which is the part that cuts through the roots as apposed to the eel. Which is driven by the high pressure water out from the back of the nozzle sometimes there are big concrete and root. We supply special nozzle for cut concrete and root and our machine can deal with them easy .

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