Water jetting unit Water jetting unit

Water jetting unit

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Water jetting unit sometimes we called it waterjetting machine, it can be used for pipe tube jetting and tank cleaning. Pathway and road marking removal . Old paint and rust removal for the ship industry and oil and gas industry .

With best breed pumps, accessories and robotic techniques for provision of all of ultra high pressure water jetting unit needs. Watex has access to the largest high & ultra-high pressure water cleaners , ranging in horsepower from 800 to 980 HP.

We also utilize state of the art cleaning attachments, including spinning nozzles, rotary multi-jet head pipe cleaning attachments . Tank cleaning heads, floor cleaners and automatic internal and external exchanger tube bundle cleaners.

High pressure water jet unit for the heat exchanger and pipeline cleaning in chemical plant

As part of our commitment to providing high quality water jetting system. That are safe fast, efficient and effective, with zero or minimal environmental effects. We ensure our unit is highly tested and good workmanship . With extensive knowledge in hydro jetting across a variety of industries, big and small.

Flexible high pressure water jetting unit or hydro jetting system designed for cleaning tubes . The heat exchanger, plate heat exchangers and pressure water coolers.

Water jetting machine was assembled on the cart for transport in the chemical plant. With the possibility of high-pressure water blasting also other technology such as tanks, pipelines, filters in the chemical industrial area.

To clean concrete effectively, use a high pressure water jet blasting machine with a pressure at least 15000 psi and a flow rate of at least can achieve a perfect cleaning. Although higher pressures may be required to remove tough contaminants such as paint and heavy tire-skid marks. Most high pressure washing contractors agree that 40000 psi will do the trick for almost all cleaning jobs. Several contractors recommend a power washer with a volume output of 5 or 6 gpm. When cleaning vertical surfaces, higher flow rates are not as critical because gravity helps contaminants flow from the surface.

Cleaning speed of UHP water jet unit

Cleaning speed also can be increased by using a rotary nozzle instead of a standard fan nozzle. To produce a fan pattern, standard nozzles deflect the water on an angle, which slows the water down. Rotary nozzles spin water jet in a circular path, so the water leaves the nozzle with greater speed.

To improve cleaning speed on large flatwork areas, many manufacturers offer wheel mounted water blaster that resemble a lawn mower. Within the metal housing are nozzles mounted on spinning bars. 

Cold water cleaning machine is cheaper, lighter, and simpler to use than hot-water units. Which require a heavy heating coil and burner system to heat the water.

However, hot water jetting unit faster than cold water, and this rule holds true for power washing. Although cold-water units are suitable for removing dirt and often suffice for smaller, residential applications. Most commercial power-washing contractors believe that using hot water is worth the added expense.

UHP water jet unit concrete disposal requirements

Depending on the power-washing chemicals used and the contaminants removed from the concrete, water runoff may be prohibited from entering storm sewer. High pressure water jetting is the use of high speed streams of high pressure water to clean various surfaces for all of the materials and to cut through almost all solid materials .

In high-pressure water jetting unit, ultra high pressure water is forced to pass through the small hole and orifice of the hydro jet nozzle. Where the restriction of the small orifice results in a high-pressure water stream to achieve cleaning .

High pressure water blasting can be just pure water or water with abrasives, cleaning chemicals or other additives at an operating pressure of between 10,000 to 40,600 psi from a system.

It includes an engine, pump, water storage tank hose, specialized nozzle and other accessories. The terms “pure water jetting” and “abrasive jetting” are also used.

Besides“Blockage” in your sewer are the main causes of residential and commercial drain line. And result in flooded basements, offices, restaurants, schools, hospitals,lots of place. A regular sewer maintenance program that includes UHP water jetting can help avoid any unexpected sewer back ups.

How high pressure water jetting works ?

Pressurize ordinary water, controlling and propelling it under high pressure into drain or sewer line.  Sincewe use ordinary water with pressure, water blasting is environmentally safe and economical.  Because we can use different nozzles and attachments. Not only control the cleaning process we can also direct the powerful streams of water to remove  the toughest blockages easy .  

The high pressure unit was equipped with the complete accessories for cleaning external surfaces (high pressure gun, nozzles and rotate cleaning head or straight nozzles with one hole) as well as internal surfaces (foot panel, high pressure hoses specially for heat exchanger, rotary exchanger and sewer nozzles, direct nozzles).

Our UHP water jetting unit is able to remove

  • Heavy roots
  • High pressure water jetting oil, grease
  • Mud, sand & gravel
  • Hardened scale
  • Even some obstructions that would normally require digging or excavating

Those blockages the water used in powering the jetter washes away all the contaminants in the pipe. Unlike a cable auger or eel machine, which can only bore a hole in sludge or roots; high pressure water jetting effectively scrubs the full diameter of your pipe washing all the debris out of your pipe.

Homes, restaurants, food manufactures , hotels, schools and hospitals all experience recurring build up in interior and exterior lines from sludge, grease, roots. 

The build up can lead to chronic flooding & property damage issues, resulting in interruption of services & business. Plumbing Professors will evaluate your needs , semi annual or annual preventive maintenance program to protect your valuable investment .

It ensure health department compliance and prevent a flooded basement or loss of revenue as a result of expensive closures. Some businesses may require just one or two cleanings annually, while others benefit from monthly or quarterly cleanings.

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