What is waterblasting ? What is waterblasting ?

What is waterblasting ?

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Waterblasting is a form of high pressure water cleaning that relies entirely on the power of pure water. It can be used to remove paint and scrap dirty surfaces without resorting sand. More and more industries like this method for chemical industries and mining and ship hull cleaning .

Hydroblasting is a technique for cleaning internal and external surfaces, like the pipe or tank cleaning.

Waterjetting or UHP water jetting can effectively remove a wide variety of tough dirt in difficult to reach points or locations in a safe and efficient method.

Waterjetting operations are commonly categorized as high pressure and waterjetting based on the following operating pressures. High pressure working pressures from 800 bar (11,600 psi) to 1,500 bar (21,750 psi)Ultra high pressure water blasting pressures  more than 1,800 bar (26,100 psi)

What is waterblasting used for ?

There are many usages for water blasting, including restoring surfaces like rust metal, old ship surface, pavement, road marking ,building façades . Water blasting is very effective at removing grease, oil and other stubborn substances. It is also a good way for removing graffiti and boring pipes and drilling pipes .

A highly pressurized and focused water, generally above 800 bar comes from a water blasting machine, which includes a pressure pump and the right nozzles. This cleaning method may also require enclosures to protect the parts of the material or structures from unwanted water spray.

Waterblasting cleaning is also called “hydroblasting”. It is being used in a growing number of applications dominated by sand blasting machine.

Many advanatages of waterblasting

Firstly ,it is very safe, water blasting doesn’t use any harmful chemicals or hazardous substances. Which makes it completely safe for both surfaces and  environment.

Water blasting is very fast and effective for surface preparation.

Water jetting will not need take much time, so lots of companies that choose hydro jetting won’t need to pause their operations for very long in order to have their surfaces cleaned.

Since it requires less time and less labor intensive, water blasting also tends to be more cost effective than other surface cleaning techniques.

Hydro jetting has no damage to the surface

Hydro jetting generally never damages the surface during washing. Although the water pressure used is reasonable, it’s harmless for surface that can withstand exposure to water.

It is effective method for hard-to-reach areas

Waterblasting can clean areas that are difficult to reach. The water jet nozzle can be used to assembled on the end of the hose to achieve the cleaning very precisely, dislodging dust easy.

There is no particles or residue after hydro jetting

Unlike abrasive blasting techniques, hydro jetting doesn’t generate any particles. There won’t be any abrasive residue left over after water blasting.

A highly pressurized and focused stream of water, generally above 800 bar. comes from a water blast machine, which includes a pressure pump and the right nozzles and high pressure hose .

There are many reasons to choose waterblasting ,but the technique needs to be performed by qualified professionals equipment. Pressure and speed of the water make the cleaning dangerous for someone with no experience.

Adjusting the power of the water jetting machine incorrectly could also damage the equipment.

More Illustration about waterjetting machine

Water jetting is used only for surface cleaning. In cases where harder surface coating is to be removed usually requires a jetting method in which an abrasive agent is added.

High pressure water jetting is ideally suited for a vast array of applications. Ranging from mill scale build-up, paint or sludge removal from reactors. Condensers, tanks, evaporators, heat exchangers, boilers, process piping.

No matter what industry you are in, high pressure waterblasting is an efficient. Cost-effective and environmentally part of any industrial plant . It also can be used for cutting of steel- work. Concrete demolition in no-fire zones, scale, paint and rust removal also using hydro jetting. Surface preparation and cleaning, pipe and tank cleaning, pathways ,road marking and airport runway rubber removal .

Watex is dedicated to providing the safest approach to environmental management solutions in all industries. We have ongoing commitment to providing safe and effective high pressure water jetting machine.

Waterblasting can be very useful as part of the preparation process, helping to clean off dirt, grime and salt.

Before using the waterjetting machine , ensure you use the appropriate pressure for the surface cleaning . UHP water blasting has along with development of new technology increased rapidly over the years. One of the main reasons is that water jetting is a dust-free blasting method with very few environmental side effects.

The use of hydro jetting also has the ecological advantage of eliminating the collection and disposal of blasting media.

The use of water blast technology enables work to be done in areas where conventional cleaning methods can’t finish. Water jetting is ideally suited to sensitive areas as such as terminals, refineries

Water blast also has a very good cleaning effect.

Apart from removing old coatings and rust and corrosion. The waterblasting also removes deeply embedded salt, resulting in a notable reduction in the chloride levels on the surface.

Water blast is an industrial method of using high pressure water streams at up to a level of 40000 psi around 2800 bar for cleaning and cutting substance. Such as steel and concrete. It is an alternative method to that of sand blasting.

High pressure waterjetting in the removal of surface materials such as paint and corrosion scale. Preparing surfaces for bonding in the building trades, and for cutting and shaping materials. And tends to restore the surface of a material to original material. The recovery of water jetting used in the process makes the power of water stream more efficient and environmentally.

What does water blast cleaning meaning?

Water blast cleaning is a technique for tank or vessel ,ship hull internal and external pipe or tanks. Which relies on ultra high pressure water from the high pressure pump with a hose and cleaning head to achieve the desired cleaning.  Abrasives, potentially harmful chemicals are not used in during cleaning.

Waterblasting is sometimes also used to demolish concrete to get the internal sound bar after water jetting concrete. It also keep the steel structure as well in the demolition industry.

This particular industry with water stream blasting have significant advantages over the traditional method of breaking up concrete with jackhammers and excavators.

Environmental conditions for workers are also better with water jetting than sand blasting. As much less dust and noise are generated during the hydro jetting. The effects of the removal of deteriorated concrete including exposed rebar also kept as well as creating a rough surface with the retained concrete that makes it more suited to bonding with new cement that is later poured.

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