Waterjetting machine Waterjetting machine

Waterjetting machine

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Waterjetting machine is an efficient, competitive, and environmentally method to clean pipe tube and rust, old paint removal and concrete removal as well. It employs pumps and hose under different levels of pressure into the pipe or tube for the internal or external surface cleaning.

The jetting nozzle mounted on the end of HP hose includes an array of forward and reverse orifices. which direct powerful flows of water all the way into the pipe walls or the surface of the metal .

If you need a pipe tube or rust paint removal, waterjetting could be the best solution for you. Water jetting is done by a high power surge of hydro jetting through your pipeline to take out any buildup causing a clog or hard material stick on the material.

While, there are lots of benefits with waterjetting machine. After many cleaning companies comparing water jetting with other methods .Hydro jetting benefits should convince you that cleaning equipment is a good choice.

Safety factor as one of the good benefits of waterjetting machine

The use of chemical material can erode pipes or tank over time, which means they will eventually have to be replaced or need to clean them completely. Depending on the damage situation, deal with the remaining material with chemical mixing material can cost you quite a lot money and time.

Environmentally friendly if you used waterjetting system

Another benefit of water jetting used in pipe cleaning or surface preparation is that the environment will thank you. Water jetting is eco-friendly. There is no risk of damaging the natural area around your cleaning aim and will not bring any hazardous material.

Waterjetting is efficient and effective methods for surface cleaning

There is no good method can instead of water jetting, other cleaning techniques that clear clogs can take a lot of time and effort. Water jetting is simple, safe, and guarantees a clog-free pipe after it is finished. Hydro jetting is one of the most effective methods available for clearing pipes tubes like concrete removal from the pipe. And its cleaning effect and quality will be well done high and efficiently.

Why use waterjetting machine to clean insider of the pipe ?

Hydro jetting removes clogs using only the power of water pressurized by the high pressure pump . Mostly ,lots of operator using snakes to cleabut snake will cut through a clog but can’t fix the underlying cause of the problem.

Water jetting is an efficient choice because not only does it remove clogs. But it also keeps pipes clean and smooth for a long time. When the buildup is removed from your pipes, it’s less likely that a clog will form any time soon.

High pressure water jetting system is the tool of spraying pressure water on surface to remove material or contaminants sticking to it. The force of water can remove a wide array of materials, rust and corrosion. Including rubber from airport runways, old paint from walls, asphalt. And metal surfaces as well as graffiti, and asphalt from the pavement.

Water jetting has a close relation with the construction industry

Waterjetting for industrial cleaning is an important method adopted in the construction industry. Mainly for eradicating dirt and other unwanted concrete from metal surfaces, or old road need to demolish.

In fact, in some old projects where a lot of cement needs to be removed. Water blasting is the preferred choice. Which also called hydro demolition .

Studies and our many years experiences have proved that the degree of cleaning of surfaces using high pressure water jet is higher than those where the traditional sand or chemical methods were adopted.

In addition to removing old coatings and rust. High pressure water jet pump also removes deeply embedded salt which causes an increase adhesion of the coating and increased longevity.

Water jetting machine helps in undertaking construction task in the locality where adopting other traditional methods is an impossibility.

There are some questions about waterjetting machine, who are always need hydro jetting machine

Hydro jetting machine are used by many types of industries and by contractors who provide cleaning services to their industries. Waterjetting system also widely used by the surface preparation industry to remove all sorts of hard paints and coatings. If you have a product that is extremely difficult to remove, water jetting system could be your good option. Here are some specialized applications:

Painting warehouse always need water jetting machine which is the single most effective tool for removing both live and old paint from fixtures, ship, oil tank. Almost every automotive paint shop needs ultra high pressure water jetting system.

Energy power production industry like oil and gas industry and electrical power industry. Hydro jetting is extensively by power plants to clean boilers, and scrubbers, heat exchanger and dust as well .

Chemical and plastic plants industry cleaning with water jetting. Hydro jetting is used for tank and reactor cleaning, and for pipe and tube cleaning.

With different pressure, how can you even hold onto the lance?

Watex designs water jetting equipment to fit all cleaning requirement. The UHP lancer should have shoulder stocks with ergonomic features that make them comfortable to operate and hand.

If you can tell us about your cleaning requirement and jetting application. We’ll be happy to help determine exactly what type of equipment you need. And calculate its cost and all of the thing related to the machine. Let you know them clearly before purchase the machine .

How far should the nozzle be from the material surface trying to remove?

The distance between the nozzle and surface is directly related to the volume of water and the pressure of the water you have to work with. And what kind of the material stick to the surface of the material need to remove.

Normal contamination, rust or paint or concrete. They need different pressure and flow rate to achieve the cleaning. We can change the flow rate according to the diameter of the nozzle and quality of the orifices. And we also have the flow rate which control the flow rate as well .

For example , Watex tank waterjetting cleaning systems typically use as much as 200 liter per minute and can reach out nearly 1000bar. High pressure water jetting equipment might only use 5 gallons per minute and could discharge that flow out over 5 more nozzles.

Can we run multiple tools at once?

Yes. Watex has a multi guns or cleaning nozzles valve that allows two or more people to running the pump with two outlet and supply them enough pressure and flow rate.

This valve allows each operator to start and stop the flow of water to his lance without affecting other operator.

What type pump is best for you waterjetting machine requirement?

Mostly jetting requirement always like purchase the best machine for their cleaning material. But that depends on what kind of work you want to do. If you know how much water you’ll be using, and what pressure you need, you can choose the right one.

What is the pressure is reasonable for you cleaning requirement? Is maximum pressure always better?

It is not right, pressure and flow rate both play key roles in an efficient water jetting equipment. And applications respond differently to each variable.

Typically, hardened deposits respond better to higher pressures, and softer materials are easy to remove with higher flows. Each cleaning application is unique. though. We can help you determine which combination of pressure and flow will work best for you.

With what pressure guarantee water jetting safe?

Water jetting equipment is less dangerous than many other cleaning methods. Nevertheless, proper safety procedures must be followed, and some related safety accessories should be prepared.

How does waterjetting machine work?

Water jetting machine commonly known as hydro jetting machine. It generates highly pressurized water from the water jetting pump to the cleaning nozzle. Water jet unit consist of the following components: A high pressure hose, a nozzle, a water tank, water jetting pump, and a motor or diesel engine.

The water jet pump is attached to the tank and motor or engine through the gear. The hose is attached to the pump. And the nozzle is attached to the end of hose. The design of the nozzle is chosen according to you cleaning requirement and internal waterjetting standard .

Different types of cleaning nozzles are used to deal with different types of cleaning requirement and obstructions. Due to the power of the hydro jetting equipment, it is essential to have a professional person. Otherwise, there is risk of damaging the piping system or injury the operator himself.

New advantages of waterjetting system

High pressure water jetting machine thoroughly removes grease and other solids and residues that are impossible to tackle with less powerful methods.

Water jetting equipment typically only requires sheer water to accomplish the desired cleaning results. Which means that there are no chemicals to contaminate your work environment or the surrounding environment.

Water jetting technicians can select special tools for any blockage. It supply the cleaning service useful for routine cleanings and surface preparation that difficult to reach.

Clogs always cause downtime and failures for many businesses. Scheduled hydro jetting can prevent those related problems from occurring at a lower cost.

Water jetting machine is ideal tool for cleaning drain and sewer lines with severe and stubborn blockages. like concrete or tree roots inside of the pipe. These obstructions can lead to whole of the pipeline blockage and overflow. Both of them can cause facility and equipment damage.

Hydro jetting machine is powerful enough to break up and flush out these materials from the internal wall of the pipe or sewer. Pour water and other materials through the pipe together.

Hydro jetting is also used for the following pipe cleaning specially :

  • Pipe degreasing
  • Pipe descaling
  • Pipe dewaxing
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